Kaleigh Scott.

The Characteristics of Fungi

When you think of fungi, many of you think of "mushrooms". But actually fungi is all around you. It's in the air, water, land, soil, and plants and animals to. Crazy right? Well Mycologist (scientist that specialize in fungi), believe that there are millions of species of fungi! Fungi is also found in mold, and yeast and you can very sick by these. Pandemic is when it spreads around the world.Epidemic is when it spreads in a small area.

Fungi Poem

Fungi is everywhere

Its in the soil its in the air

some are mold some are yeast

Some are nasty and some are neat

Some are green and really thick

They can make you very sick

There are some ways to treat

With your food and on your feet

Really what I am trying to say

Fungi can be anywhere.