The tale of Despereaux

by Kate DiCamillo, Kelsie Upward, block 1


I would recommend this to people that love action. If you hate mice rats our animals in general DO NOT READ THIS. There is a lot of animals in this. There is also a little romance, and curiosity. Also fantasy, because a king and princess are there. Overall I loved this book.


an extravagant castle, a gloomy dungeon, and a strict mouse city.



The red spool symbolizes death in the mouse city. Despereux is lowered down into the dungeon with the deadly red thread around his neck.

Conflict and Plot

The conflict is that the castle doesn't allow mice or rats in the castle because the queen died from Roscuro. Despereux is sent to the dungeon because he is different from the other mice. The king is very depressed because he lost his wife on account of Roscuro the rat falling in the queens soup.
The Tale of Despereaux - Trailer