Treaty Of Guadulupe Hidalgo

By: Rylie Kennedy, Conner Timmerman, and Bradley Dunn

What was it?

It was the treaty that unofficially ended the Mexico American war. When Mexico got its defeat of its army and its capital, Mexico City, they surrendered to the U.S., this was in September 1847, this was when the 2 country's started negotiating to end the war. These peace talks were negotiated by Nickolas Trist and chief clerk. Trist and General Scott after 2 failed attempts to negotiate a treaty with Santa Anna, determind that the only way to deal with Mexico was as a conquered enemy.

Where was it?

The Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo was signed in a city north of the capital where Mexican government had fled with the advance of the U.S. forces, this city was called Guadalupe Hidalgo.

When was it?

The treaty was signed Febuary 2, 1848 when it brought the unofficial end to the Mexican American war.

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