What pollutes water?

What pollutes water in the countryside?

Water pollution

There are usually no factories in the countryside. However, water pollution is also a phenomenon connected with the countryside. The most dangerous for nature are the droppings of farm animals like cows, pigs, sheep, goats, turkeys, ducks, especially in the areas where there are a lot of mentioned animals. They seep into the ground and pollute the groundwater.

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It happens that the animal faeces are poured directly to the rivers and lakes by some farmers. Those who are caught doing it must pay high fines because the impurities of this type are very harmful to the aquatic plants and animals, and also people.

Another threat to the purity of water are fertilizers used in the agriculture. The fertilizers are substances that help plants to grow faster. When fertilizers are used in excess they get into the rivers and lakes along with the rainwater which in a consequence lead to algae grow rapidly.

How to protect our enviroment?

To reduce soil pollution by fertilizers, we must not use them in excess. The fields cannot be fertilized immediately before the predicted rainfall.

We must protect forest plants and animals in order to let them grow and reproduce safely. In lakes and seas there is exactly the opposite situation - we need to protect water so too many plants (algae) do not grow in it.

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Farmers protect their crops against pests and spray the plants with pesticides - a special poison to reduce and eliminate any type of pests. The problem is that they are poisonous not only for the pests. Water is contaminated by the pesticides the same way like the fertilizers. Water that is contaminated with pesticides is difficult to be purified.

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