Ninja turtles are special in their way

Who are the turtles

There are four turtles in total these four turtles are Leonardo,Michelangelo,Raphael,Donatello.These turtles are ninjas that protect the city in a comic of course,and they live in the sewer and watch over the city. Once they were ordinary turtles but they fell in some ooze ... they mutated and now they are the teenage mutant ninja turtles.Saving the world from evil bad guys
look at this page it has the history of the turtles.

This is the history of the ninja turtles how exiting

The enemys of the turtles

the turtles have many enemies these are the most dangerous. one of them is the foot clan they are not so dangerous but they can still kick but. this is my personal favorite is the brainiacts they can control your mind in the blink of an eye. next is dogpound he is a mutation of a normal dog and turned into the beast of the alleys. and the last but most powerful is shreader he is the master of all of the enemies.

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