Friday Newsletter

Mrs. Roy's and Mrs. Ozar's 5th class

October 16, 2015

This Week

Language Arts: Global Read Aloud continues, and we're enjoying the novel very much! A note is attached with the newsletter about our class twitter feed. Follow us to see the happenings of room 204! The students are working on making theories about their characters. We're also starting to assess the students on their reading level for fall scores.

In writing, we're finishing up our personal narratives. The students have put effort into revising, editing and getting their piece to a final copy. The students will be sharing their personal narratives with one another.

On October 21st we're doing a pumpkin activity with our buddies from the multiage. We're looking for about 3 parent volunteers to help the student groups explore and measure their pumpkins. The activity starts at 2:15 if you are interested and available. Also, we'll share a treat with our buddies during our activity. If you'd like to donate a gallon of cider or some cups please email Mrs. Roy.

Spelling: Students will receive their week #6 lists on Monday. Their cursive lists and 2 spelling city activities are always due on Fridays before we take the test.

Social Studies: Students have completed their 5 themes of geography projects. Each student was to create a place and use the 5 themes of geography to describe their made up place in the form of a postcard. We will be discovering new lands and traveling back in time starting next week.

Science: Students have completed their experiments on pendulums and have begun the next part of the Variables unit, testing with planes. Each group constructed a small plan and have begun experiments testing their planes on flight lines in the hallway. They are learning to identify the variable in each experiment, possible errors and design new experiments based on new questions. Lots of good learning and fun!

Math 6: The students were excited to present their surveys and graphs to Mrs. Weaver's third grade class today. They worked hard on gathering data and their graph constructions. The Unit 1 test is going home today, students are asked to get a parent signature and return it to Mrs. Roy. Before starting Unit 2 the students will explore divisibility, factors, multiples, and prime and composite numbers.

Math 5: The students received their tests back and were asked to return it Thursday with a parent signature. The students were given an opportunity to discuss and ask questions in class, to work with me to understand their mistakes, and correct their errors on a separate sheet of paper for which they could earn extra points which are added to improve their test score. We have begun Unit 2: Estimation and Calculation. Your child should have brought home the Family Letter and Guide for you to keep at home to support him/her as he/she works through the unit.

Upcoming Events

10/19- Our class starts WTRO. Please make sure your student has turned in the permission slip to participate and finds a sub for their safety post the week they are scheduled for WTRO.

10/23 Orange and Black Day at Trombly

10/30 Halloween parade and party.

Global Read Aloud

Follow Us on Twitter

Dear Parents,

Our classroom is connected! Please follow us on Twitter as we use this social media tool as a class to share, connect, and collaborate with the world around us. This school year we will use our classroom Twitter account (@Roygrade5) to share snippets of our work, learning, and life at school.

Our goal will be to tweet a few days a week. At first, we will model how to tweet about our work or exciting goings-on at school. As the students grow in their understanding of how to use Twitter to share ideas, they will begin to come up with tweets independently or with a partner.

Students’ safety is of utmost concern. Last names will never be included in tweets. Images of students may be included. Responsible use of social media and internet safety will be explicitly taught in our classroom to ensure all students know how to stay safe while online.

We have already created our classroom norms for using our class Twitter account:

1.) Approve your tweet with Mrs. Roy or Mrs.Ozar so that she can publish it.

2.) We only connect to classes and people who add value to our learning.

3.) We use only first names on Twitter.

4.) Twitter is a tool for learning.

Finally, if you do not have a Twitter account, and need assistance with creating one, please let us know. We’re more than willing to help you create an account so you can start following our class. Keep in mind that we will not follow you back because it is our policy that we only follow other classrooms or educational Twitter feeds. Using these social media tools will give you a better glimpse into our classroom and your child’s learning, in a new and exciting format. We think you will love being connected!

“Tweet”fully yours,

Mrs. Ozar and Mrs. Roy