Engineering is the most important

Profession in the United States

Engineering Improved U.S.A.

"... The scientific and technological advances that have led to our Nation’s remarkable ability to create new industries and jobs, improve the standard of living for people....."

New York City - Canon 60D Short Film by Joltter


  • " get smart by being with smart people..." (Edward Glaeser). Immigrants of different places helped create diversity. living in the same city allowed people to learn from one another.
  • Cities allowed people such as Henry Ford to get ideas off Frank Kirby (invented the first car in Detroit) to get a car model made.
  • provides for its people
  • tourism
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Transportation and Technology During 1920s

According to Elizabeth Stevenson:

The Automobile-

"...Nothing ever dramatized

the system of factory organization so well as the break in Ford automobile

production stretching across a good part of the year 1927. Ford was the

epitome of everything in the world of everyday work that the citizens of

the 1920s admired. His faults were overlooked or accepted as virtues, and

his success in this great mechanical and business venture seemed a test of

the health of the nation itself. The public found itself absorbed..."

The Radio-

"... The mechanical inventions

of the day were keeping up with the events. Radio not only reported the

events but shaped them. Radio strengthened a tendency already working to

make the people of the United States feel united and whole; for the first

time, it seemed as if they could have thoughts and feelings simultaneously..."

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Highways-built in 1956 Interstate Highway Act

Connected every city making it possible to travel and trade, in case of emergency and freedom to drive where you wish to go.

Modern Era-TV, Vietnam War

TVA/Dam and the TV/Vietnam War-

"...The TVA continues today to supply hydro-electric power to millions of people in Tennessee and Alabama..."

Chicago: The Great American City