Adolf Hitler

biography by: Mike

The Nazi Army

The nazi army was controlled by Adolf Hitler for all the time he was dictator.

Basic informaton

Adolf Hitler was a leader of the nazi armys. He caused WW2 and after the war committed suicide.Adolf was a military officer before he became the dictator of Germany for a while. The Nazi army was lead by Adolf for the time he was there as solders and would make them kill innocent Jews for no reason at all .

Early childhood

Adolf was a born Austrian baby with very strict parents. Adolf was the forth child of Alois Hitler. Adolf was interested in art which made his father angry because he wanted him to be in a business major school. Since his father was always angry at Adolf they often entered in fights or arguments which led to his younger brothers death in 1900

Impact on society

Adolf Hitler is known for a mass killing of jews for no real reason. Hitler was probably the person the entire world was scared even talking to. The fact of how his life shaped through society cannot burn out of their minds why the Germans or Nazi party decided to attack the Jews for no reason.


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