Ghettos during WWII

By Steven and Jamell

Identify a ghetto.

A ghetto was a place where Jews would go if not assigned to a death camp or concentration camp. They were very unsanitary and filled with diseases. The ghettos are found in places where the Nazis have taken over. A ghetto that was common to go to was the Warsaw ghetto. The condition were harsh. The building were bombed out and the ghettos were commonly over crowded.

Describe who controlled the ghetto.

Technically the Jews formed a council and try to find a way to live in the ghetto but Nazis would kill them any way. The Nazis had forced people into the ghrtto and then they had to form a council. The Nazis found a faster way of killing people Hitler dispise by putting them in the ghetto then bombing or by bringing tanks in the ghetto and bombing them from the inside.

Tell me who lived in the ghettos.

The Jews, gypisies, etc where put into ghettos if they weren't sent to concentration camps. The people that Hitler dispise were forced into ghettos. The peole in the ghetto had to find a way to live in the harsh conditions of the ghetto.

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