FDR Foreign Policy

By Conner Mann

We arm Democracies. Democracies arm us.

The Lend-Lease Act of 1941: US sells, transfers, exchanges, or lends equipment to any country to help it defend itself against the Axis Powers.
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Self Determinism Keeps Territories Happy

The Atlantic Charter of 1941 resembled Wilson 14 Points. Promised to make the world a better place with Democracy. No new territories would change, it was the right of the people to choose their form of government, and disarmament.
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Remain Neutral. Avoid War

Neutrality Acts of 1935-1939: Embargo on goods, no loans or credit, cash and carry circumstances, steer away from war.
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The Base-is for Giving Away Ships

Destroyer-for-Bases deal with Britain: The U.S. sent the British Navy destroyer ships in exchange for the use of certain British military bases with free rent.
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