Our Little Diner on the Prairie!

By Adia Compton 1st Period


Hola. Welcome to our small, family owned restaurant. We have various types of delicious food here.  So sit back, relax, and enjoy your meal! We're so glad you're here!


*maíz pan* *ajo pan con mantequilla*  *patatas fritas y salsa* *pan y queso* *Texas papas fritas con queso*

Ensaladas y Sopas

*ensalada de frutas* *ensalada de papas* *ensalada césar* *sopa de tomate* *sopa de calabaza* *sopa de carne*

El almuerzo y La Cena

*hamburguesa* *carne asada* *espagueti* *pollo* *sándwich de pavo*


*pasta* pizza*
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Las Bebidas

*agua* *jugo* *leche* *leche de chocolate* *refresco* *coca* *batido de leche* *limonada*

Thank You!

Thank you again for coming! You're waiter will be out soon to take your order. Then afterwards let us know how we did!