John Pershing

By Jonathan Scott

Who Was He?

John Was born September 13 ,1860.John Pershing graduated from the military academy. Then he went to Nebraska and got a law degree. He moved to san francisco and got married to the senator's daughter. Right after that he got a promotion to General.

What Did He Do?

In 1996 John fought with the people the natives called them the buffalo soldiers . There he was given the nickname black jack. Then he trained an army of over 2 million soldiers. He was a great military leader. In the end John Pershing died July 15.1948 of a stroke.

Impact on the World

Out of all of pershing's numerous accomplishments one of his best was that the military wasn’t sure if they would have made world war one without him. John commanded many other famous people in his career to such as president Harry Truing,general george patton,george marshall ,and douglas macarthur. Making John one of america's most influential leaders.