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Principal’s message:

Happy New Year! A picture hangs on the wall behind the Administrative desk at PCS. The picture speaks to a vision of Parkview growing and expanding in north Lincoln – a beacon of Christian education that welcomes students and families of all backgrounds. The people who made these images believed in the future and people they had never met. They believed in us.

We celebrate our 40th year and reflect on the believers who stepped out in faith in our God to

establish Parkview Christian in 1980. They laid a foundation that testifies to their faith in this school and their investment in the children and families God would one day send to our school. Stewardship means planting trees that future children and grandchildren will sit under and the time comes to once again think of those children both born and unborn that the Lord will bring to Parkview in the next 40 years.

We hold the torch of yesterday and believe we are called to carry that light forward. Our visionary plan consists of three essential steps needed to advance the mission of Christ-centered education at Parkview Christian:

  • Retaining and attracting high quality teachers of faith and character
  • Continued updates and improvement to curriculum
  • Building and adding to the PCS facility

Thousands of people and families share roots that unite and connect at Parkview Christian. We believe in the next 40 years and ask you to join us in our mission to provide sustainable Christ- centered education to the next generation. Will you please click here and support our newly established Fund for Parkview Christian? Together we will plant trees for future children to sit under and learn about the saving grace of Christ. May God bless you and your family!

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Homeschool and alternative education students can participate in NSAA activities and athletics at Parkview Christian School. Students need to enroll as quarter-time students for two class periods a day! Click here to request more information!

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