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Great news for Android users. All eighteen of Dr Panda's apps are available on Google Play for the sale price of £0.79 / $0.99! The Dr Panda series uses a combination of role play and open-ended play to help encourage children’s early learning. Many of the apps allow children to engage in activities which they can relate to but are too small for in real life such as being a cook or a bus driver. None of the apps contain any third-party advertising and the content is suitable for preschool children.

Try some of them out and let me know what you think.


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Dr Panda Apps on Sale

Dr Panda’s Home - http://geni.us/2puz

Dr Panda’s Restaurant - http://geni.us/xv7

Dr Panda’s Restaurant 2 - http://geni.us/3izz

Dr Panda’s Ice Cream Truck - http://geni.us/1TbN

Dr Panda’s Swimming Pool - http://geni.us/1ojI

Dr Panda’s Bus Driver - http://geni.us/3D1T

Dr Panda’s Hospital - http://geni.us/1CiJ

Dr Panda’s Mailman - http://geni.us/O4y

Dr Panda’s Daycare - http://geni.us/VKF

Dr Panda’s Airport - http://geni.us/ikq

Dr Panda’s Supermarket - http://geni.us/2lUh

Dr Panda’s Handyman - http://geni.us/1UP1

Dr Panda’s Toy Cars - http://geni.us/2Wo8

Dr Panda’s Beauty Salon - http://geni.us/3uHZ

Dr Panda’s Veggie Garden - http://geni.us/e6o

Dr Panda & Toto’s Treehouse - http://geni.us/1YOl

Art Class with Dr Panda - http://geni.us/7MI

Hoopa City - http://geni.us/3SDT

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