Sexual Harrassment

Kylie Fyfe & Bianca Prado

Let's get moving! What do YOU consider sexual harassment??

Know the Terms:

  • Office of Civil Rights
  • Sexual Violence (Coaster)
  • Sexual Harrassment
  • Quid Pro Quo (James Quigley, 2014)
  • Hostile Environment (Cindy's Story)

Who's at Risk?

  • Primarily Girls
  • LGBT (QQIAAP) Community
  • Boys

How do we fit in the 3 E's?

Case Studies:

  • Kayla
  • Regina
  • Kenneth & Ashley

What impact does technology have on sexual harassment?

ASCA Ethical Standards:

  • Support and protect students' best interest against any infringement of their educational program (D.1.a)
  • Inform appropriate officials, in accordance with school policy, of conditions that may be potentially disruptive or damaging to the school's mission, personal and property while honoring the confidentiality between the student and the school counselor (D.1.b)
  • Assist in developing:

1. Curricular and environmental conditions appropriate for the school and


2. Educational procedures and programs to meet students' developmental needs.

3. A systematic evaluation process for comprehensive, developmental, standards-

based school counseling programs, services and personnel.

4. A data-driven evaluation process guiding the comprehensive, developmental

school counseling program and service delivery (D.1.g)


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