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Loving Graphic Novels? Yes!

If you have graphic novel readers in your classroom, trust me you all do, you have got to get your hands on one too! They are a great, friendly way for students to gain vocabulary enrichment as well as knowledge of challenging topics.

The University of Oregon Center on Teaching and Learning produced a study that showed the value of graphic novels in regards to "rare words." Check out the high level of vocabulary that shows up in graphic novels as compared to other forms...including adult speech! Check below or access the complete study here.

Here's a link to a great article that cites a study conducted by a reading professor at San Diego State University. The article explains the value graphic novels hold for readers in grades K-12 including the idea that "...graphic novels have the ability to engage advanced readers, but also provide appropriate content to challenge students struggling to grasp reading comprehension and language acquisition." And I'm proud to say that one of the series shared in the article is one that we have at TCE: Max Axiom! Check him out below.

Do you need a suggestion? Check out one of the titles below. They are incredible and valuable!

Birthday Cake Theory of Reading Development

Developed in 1985 by Alleen Pace Nilsen and Kenneth L. Donelson, this theory explains how lifelong readers are made. Readers must go through each stage, no skipping or squashing a stage, to successfully become an adult reader. The stage of Unconscious Delight is vital and often frustrating for adults.

Do you have a student who keeps reading the same things over and over? Only wants to read series books? Reads books that seem to be too easy? They are enjoying Unconscious Delight!

Read more about this theory here.

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New Bluebonnet Books Announced!

Check out the NEW Bluebonnet Award Nominees for the 2016-2017 school year! There are some amazing titles on there! My plan is to get these titles in both print and ebook versions.
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New Professional Reading Available

TCE has some wonderful professional titles for all grade levels and content areas! Here are some new titles that have just been added to our collection that will appeal to our math teachers. And a great reader's workshop resource too.