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Christmas Term 2015


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Dear Parents,

Our third IPC Unit of Work for this academic year is a very artistic one entitled 'They See The World Like This'. This unit focuses on artists' impressions of the world.

We will be investigating and questioning how people across cultures have been making impressions of the world throughout history. The children will be making connections with their knowledge of the virtues, to create their own works of art as well as performance poetry.

The exit point for this unit will be an unforgettable evening that celebrates the creativeness of the children. This will be achieved in the form of an art exhibition showcasing the children's works and the performance of their original poems.

This event has proved to be one of the highlights of the year in Grade Four and we look forward to sending you more information about this upcoming evening.

Our Grade Four Personal Goal for this unit is Communication.

Key Learning Goals to be Assessed

Art 3.3 Be able to use a wide variety of materials, forms and techniques to express their emotions, observations and experiences.

History 3.10 Be able to find out about aspects of the past from a range of sources.

History 3.11 Be able to describe and identify reasons for and results of historical events, situations and changes in the periods they have studied.


This really is a Unit of Work that encourages and presents opportunities for historical enquiry and questioning.

The children will be researching the development and stylistic changes of art over the course of time (from Prehistoric Times to Modern-Day Art).

They will be challenged to find out about the the reasons for the different movements, the changes that occurred because of the movements and the effects they had on the world.

To do this, the children will be given opportunities to identify and select from a wide range of sources to gather their information and to ask and answer questions.


In Art we will be linking to the classroom unit as we explore how emotions, observations and experiences can shape and inspire an artist’s work. Children will become knowledgeable about the life and art of Action painter Jackson Pollock, as well as the history behind Peranakan woodblock prints. To help with this project, we will develop skills in abstract painting, printmaking and applying balance and unity to our artwork.


In International, we will be looking at the various ways the work of artists in one country or place have influenced and/or changed the work of artists in other countries and places.

Language Arts

During this IPC unit the children will be engaged in two LA units of study . The first is a non genre specific unit, Slice of Life . The second is Poetry.

Slice of Life

Writing in a choice of genre inspired by Memorable Life Experiences children will learn to:-

  • use a variety of sentence lengths to create feeling or mood.

  • bring a piece to closure through an ending or summary statement.
  • to assess the effectiveness of their own and other students endings.

  • propose changes to their vocabulary to clarify meaning.

  • proof-read for spelling and punctuation error.

  • use commas to clarify meaning in writing.


Reading Poetry.

Children will learn to :

  • Describe the impact and explain their own interpretation by referring to the poem.
  • Comment on the use of language to create images, sound effects and atmosphere.
  • Discuss the poetry’s form and suggest the effect on the reader.

Creating poetry.

Children will learn to:

  • Write free verse; use a repeating pattern; experiment with simple forms.
  • Select precise words to reflect their intended message.
  • Experiment with literary language to describe and compare.

Performing Poetry.

Children will learn to:

  • Vary volume, pace and use appropriate expression when performing.
  • Use actions, sound effects and images to enhance a poem’s meaning.

We look forward to celebrating our creative pieces with you at the end of this unit.


In Mathematics, the Learning Targets we will be working towards achieving are:


To know what mixed numbers are and be able to calculate them

To know what improper fractions are and be able to calculate them

To be able to add and subtract fractions

To be able to find fractions of sets


To estimate and measure angles in degrees using a protractor

To associate ¼ turn /right angle with 90 degrees

To associate ½ turn with 180 degrees

To tell direction in relation to the 8-point compass

To draw a given angle using a protractor

Perpendicular and Parallel Lines

To identify vertical and horizontal lines

To use set squares to check for perpendicular lines

To identify perpendicular lines drawn on grid papers

To use a set-square to draw a line perpendicular to a given line

To use a protractor to draw a line perpendicular to a given line

To identify parallel lines

To check for parallel lines using a ruler and set-squares

To draw parallel lines using a ruler and set-squares


In this Unit we will discover about some famous musicians and their instruments associated with them, e.g., Yo Yo Ma and the Cello, Nigel Kennedy and the Violin, Lang Lang and the piano. The pupils will gain some insight into the lives of these musicians and enjoy some selected audio and video recordings of their performances. This unit will help pupils to gain a positive outlook to learning and playing musical instruments and it will also enhance their performance skills for those already learning an instrument.


In Grade 4 children will be continuing with their invasion games Unit. They will also be working on their Grade 4 Swimming programme.

In swimming activities students will:

  • refine their arm and leg action in backstroke and butterfly
  • be able to identify strengths and weaknesses in own and others strokes
  • Improve breathing and body position in a range of strokes to improve efficiency in the water using feedback and observation
  • be able to show a range of starts and finishes with improved efficiency, including racing starts and tumble turns

In Invasion Games children will:

  • show control and co-ordination in executing passing skills, and soft and hard touch receives
  • Utilise space on the pitch showing knowledge of positioning
  • Create 2 v 1 situations
  • Show appropriate movement when in attack and defense

There will be a mini-unit on Athletic Activity. In this Unit children will:

  • Practice a range of previously learnt Track and field events
  • Use data and performance feedback to select events
  • Refine performance in chosen events in preparation for Sports Day

Digital Literacy

In Grade 4 ICT we will be beginning a unit titled ‘I See Myself Like This.’ We will be using a variety of Apps on the iPads to create digital self-portraits.

Students will become more knowledgeable about:

  • how iPads can be used for drawing and painting

  • the tools and features on Sketchbook Express app, Faces iMake App and WordFoto App

To help us with this project, we will develop the technical skills of:

  • utilizing layers in Sketchbook Express App

  • working with drawing tools in Sketchbook Express App

  • using the colour picker (selecting and adjusting colour and opacity) in Sketchbook Express App

  • selecting, positioning and resizing of items in Faces iMake App

  • selecting and formatting text size, colour and style in WordFoto App


In Chinese, the children are working on:

Unit 3 Welcome to Singapore (week 11-14)

· Simple description of weather

· Learn about the population of Singapore

· Learn about the varieties of local food

· Learn about the places of interest

Unit 2 My Day (week 14-17)

· Learn how to express time in Chinese

· Simple description of daily activities

· Simple description of weekend activities

· Name different kinds of activities and associated places

Home Learning - Christmas Term Week 11

Please seek permission from your parents or caregiver at home, before attempting to access any given websites shown.

Language Arts


To start the second half of the Christmas term, we will be looking closely at prefixes - a group of letter added to the beginning of a word. A prefix can often help you to work out the meaning of a word.

We will start with the prefixes auto-, bi- and over-

Words to be learnt - autograph, automatic, auto-focus, autobiography, bicycle, bifocal, bisect, overgrown, overflow, overdue,

Additional challenge words - autonomy, bilingual, binoculars, overcrowded, overweight


Read a 'Just Right' book for 20 minutes or more each evening. Share and discuss with family members what you have read. Practice reading aloud in front of your family members using clear projection, fluency and expression.


Unit 3 - Fractions

Mon - Shaping Maths Activity Book 4A Part 1 - Pages: 65/66

Tue - Shaping Maths Activity Book 4A Part 1 - Pages: 67/68

Wed - Shaping Maths Activity Book 4A Part 1 - Fractions Worksheet

Thu - Shaping Maths Activity Book 4A Part 1 - Pages: 69/70

Remember to practice your multiplication table(s) regularly!

Home Learning: Unit of Work

Family Art Piece Task - to be completed in IPC Home Learning Book

Ask your parents about a piece of artwork that is in your home. This could be a painting, ornament, photograph, even jewellery.

Complete the following.

1. Describe the art piece in your own words.

2. When was the art piece purchased?

3. Why was the art piece purchased?

4. What is the value of the art piece?

5. When looking at the art piece, what do you think of? How does it make you feel?

6. When a family member looks at an art piece, what do they think of? How does it make them feel?

7. Draw a picture in your IPC Home Learning Book of your chosen art piece.

This Home Learning project is due Friday 6th November 2015

Grade 4 Art - Home Task

In Art, students have been practicing their 1 point perspective skills when drawing landscapes. We have experimented with layers of tissue paper and scrap paper along with images of Singapore to create mixed media collages. Next students will need to have a landscape photo of the country they have become experts in, (in their IPC Unit,) to use for their final work.

G4BCe – October 26th

G4SDa – October 28th

G4ABa – November 2nd

G4JKa – November 4th

For the next Art class (refer to dates above) please bring in or upload a photo:

· A4 Landscape image of your expert country from IPC

· Focus should be on land or structures, not people

· Can be black and white or colour (we will be photocopying the images onto A3 paper in black and white)

· See examples of photos below

If you choose to send it electronically, please send to my e-mail:

Swimming returns!

After the October break all classes shall be returning to the pool once a week in PE lessons. A reminder that your grade lessons are:

Grade 4ABa – Thursday 11.20-12.20pm

Grade 4BCE - Monday 11.20-12.20pm

Grade 4 JKa – Thursday 2.00-3.00pm

Grade 4SDa – Wednesday 1.00-2.00pm

Virtue of the Week:


Confidence is having faith in something or someone. It is a kind of trust. When you have self-confidence, you trust that you have what it takes to handle whatever happens. You feel sure of yourself and enjoy trying new things. When you are confident in others, you rely on them and confide in them.

Coming Up

26th October - 2nd half Christmas Term commences

10th November - Deepavali Holiday

21st November - Christmas Fair

25th November - Grade 4, 5, 6 Sports Day

Your Grade 4 Teaching Team

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4BCe Kerry Tremblay -

4ABa Andrew Bazzo -

4SDa and Head of Middle Years -

Esther Toh - Teaching Partner