Atlantic Hurricane season

By: Jacob McMichael

El nino deffinition

a warm ocean current that flows along the equater from the date line and south off the coats of ecudor at christmus time.

La nina deffinition

is a quasi-deriodic climat patterson that occurs accross the tropical pacific ocean .

Bermuda High

semipermanent area of high pressure located over Bermuda in summer and fall that steers many storm systems westward across the Atlantic

How the temputaure makes hurricanes

Hurricanes form from the cold water from the ocean in the paciffic.

what roll does the bremuta high play

As we learned in the previous section, this huge area of High Pressure spins the air over the Atlantic in a giant clockwise circle (image a clock). As also alluded to in the previous section, most tropical systems move off Africa in a general westerly direction being steered by the currents of air on the very southern most edge of the Bermuda High. As they move further westward, the strength, size, and location of the Bermuda High determines where they will ultimately go. In most cases, the clockwise circulation will steer storms more Northwards as they begin to reach the western edges of the Bermuda High and push them out to sea before they can impact the U.S. East Coast. However, it is important to realize that this High pressure system isn't stationary, (for it is a weather system like any other) and can shift more east, west, north, or south and does so in relation to the effects of other storm systems. For example, Frontal systems moving off the U.S. East Coast usually act to weaken the Highs influence and causes it to migrate farther eastward. In other instances, the Bermuda High can set itself up farther west than normal where the southern and western edges of its clockwise circulation can allow hurricanes to move farther south and west before they make their eventual and inevitable northward turn. This was the specific pattern that was in place during the peak months of the 2004 hurricane season when a record four hurricanes directly impacted Florida. This is also the scenario that makes the Southeast coast of Florida and the Gulf Coast States most vulnerable. In contrast, if the Bermuda High is set up more towards the east during the peak months of the hurricane season, the East Coast of the U.S. is more