Events & Significance

Battle of Gonzales

  • Occurred on September 27, 1835
  • Mexico was upset because American colonists refused to surrender a cannon they had given them as defense in 1831
  • On October 2, 1835, the American colonists attacked the Mexicans at their camp
  • The Mexicans were outnumbered & the American colonists won

Battle of Concepcion

  • Occurred on October 28, 1835 on the grounds of Concepcion Mission outside of San Antonio
  • Was the 1st major armed conflict of the Texas Revolution
  • Texas rebels, led by James Fannin & Jim Bowie, fought off a vicious assault by the Mexican army & drove them back into San Antonio

Grass Fight

  • Occurred November 26, 1835
  • A scout reported that more than 100 Mexican soldiers with pack animals were headed to San Antonio & a rumor quickly spread, that they were carrying silver to pay the Mexican troops
  • American rebels assembled some cavalry & infantry troops, ambushed, & captured their animals along with their cargo
  • When the opened their bags, all they found was grass, not silver

Battle of the Alamo

  • Occurred on March 6, 1836, in San Antonio
  • Santa Anna attacked & the Texans were outnumbered
  • In 2 hours, Santa Anna overran the approximately 200 soldiers & none of the defenders survived

Goliad Massacre

  • Occurred on March 27, 1836
  • Santa Anna ordered Mexican soldiers to execute over 300 Texas prisoners
  • This angered others Texans & became a rallying cry at the Battle of San Jacinto

Battle of San Jacinto

  • Occurred April 21, 1836 & was the defining battle of the Texas Revolution
  • Santa Anna unwisely divided his force to mop up the Texans who were still in rebellion after the Battle of the Alamo & the Goliad Massacre
  • Sam Houston, sensing Santa Anna's mistake, engaged him on the shores of the San Jacinto River
  • Hundreds of Mexican soldiers were killed or captured
  • Santa Anna himself was captured & forced to sign a treaty, ending the war
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