The Earth day

By shahar lankri

What is the Earth Day?

Earth day is an annual event. Its celebrated on April 22nd. A little about the past of this Earth day.

This day began in 1970, In the beginning only a few countries celebrated the earth day, but today it is grown into a global event recognize by over than 192 countries.

Devoting a special day for helping the earth is a way to demonstrate how much we care about the present and the future of our planet. In this day peole from the entire world do something for the world. No matter what you do, there is a way to get involved in earth day. You could plant a tree , make a meal with locally , grown vegetebables , educate a family member , clean up trash in your neighborhood , set up a bird feeder or save power - the possiblities are endless .

Why do we need the Earth Day in your opinion ?

I think we had need pollarting earth day for a few resons.

1. we are pollaiting our environment. The environment gives us oxygen , food like fruits and vegetables and more. In other words we live because of the environment so in my opinion we must say thank you , even if it is not communicated with words , we need to help it in diffrent ways and try not to pollute it because in the end it's only against us.

2. If everyone does only one little thing that would help the environment and it will make the world better.

3. The last reason is to raise awareness of environmental problems. It could show people the reality and what may happens when people are pollutants.

Write 2 things that you have learned from the movie ?

I have learned many things from the movie. Here are two of the things that i learned:

1) Carbondioxide is a greenhouse gase causing temperatures to rise and this is causing an increase in extreme climte events around the world.

2. Deforestation and drought are leading to unprecedented loss of birds.

How is the Earth Day celebrated around the world?

Los of countries celebrate the earth day althogh they are not on the same continent.

For example , Africa - Morocco, Asia - China , Europe - Franch.

All these countries share in the celebration but dont celebrat the same way. Each country celebrates differently. People participate individually also.

Lots of people are planting plants , recycle and reploce light bulbs to energy saving ones.

Those are some small steps and simple things to perform.

They are not significant for us but to the earth is very important and significant.

Make a list of activities that are done in the world to save the planet. Present this activities in your project .

Oeople can recycle , outdoor art,projects with recycled materials,and projects with Natural Materials

, clean up trash in your neighborhood, set up a bird feeder or save power and to walk insted of driving.

Choose which activity would you like to do in Israel and explain why. You may be creative and invent your own activity for the Earth Day.

In Israel I like to walk and travel by bicycle to help the earth.

Sometimes it's better to ride with all the family on bicycles because it's a quality time with my family. It's nice to "return" to the past because this kind of action is hard to come by today (This is a activity that is done when we were little).

what have you learned the most from the project and what did you like the most during this project

I have learned what to do on earth day.

I loved the discovery of new things on earth day and to learn how important it's to keep the plant.

The Planting Song - Earth Day Song for Children from Mother Goose Club