USD 333 Concordia Community Vision

November 7, 2019


The purpose of this document will highlight our meetings and the dialogue that has taken place in our community as we prepare to make long term facility plans for the betterment of our school and community.

Guiding Principles

1. We will provide our students with Differentiated Learning that is Engaging and Student Centered.

2. To be Fiscally Responsible we will provide space that supports Learner-Driven Learning and All Student Achievement.

3. Facilities and Future Ready Learning Environments will: be Accessible and Adaptable to ensure Safety and Security of all students.

4. Facilities and Learner Driven Learning will be Real-World Connected

Big picture

USD 333 Board of Education Goals 2019-2020

Long Term Goals

1. Commit to innovation, offering a variety of opportunities for students to be prepared for their next step in life.

2. Commit to progressive curriculum development and alignment of new standards.

3. Recruit, develop, and retain high quality effective staff.

4. Provide quality education in a stable financial environment.

Short Term Goals

1. Improve professional development opportunities to drive, invest and equip teachers to innovate.

2. Commit to a modern, progressive Master Facility Plan and Capital Improvement Plan.

3. Commit to a progressive soft skills and civic engagement educational model for K-12 students.

4. Commit to progressive Early Childhood programs and partnerships.

5. Provide opportunities for students to be successful beyond high school by integrating technology and CTE programs in the district.

6. Continue to foster effective partnerships with local, regional, and statewide organizations.

Our Story

Superintendent Quentin Breese and the Board of Education began a Strategic Planning and Master Facility Planning journey as Quentin began is superintendency in the summer of 2016. Board Goals were established and an expectation to better utilize resources was set by our 7 member board of education. Concrete deterioration , Extensive Bus maintenance costs, band equipment decline, Auditorium Sound system malfunctions, Custodial floor machine failures, passenger vehicle maintenance issues, Track surface decline, Gym Floor failures, HVAC issues, and Roofing decline began to identify themselves as expenses that were out pacing the capital outlay budget revenues that were being generated annually. A capital improvement plan was established in the summer of 2017, to establish an allocation guide in working our way through our list of needs. We soon found out that we were unable to accomodate the drastic needs of the district. The district then engaged the services of Ebert Mayo Architects and Engineers, Manhattan, Kansas to assist us in our Master Facility Plan by completing an extensive study of our current facilities and trends in education.

Mike Mayo and his team established some costs of renovation to the 1929 structure exceeding the $50-$60 million mark and conversations ceased with the Board of Education as the information revealed a much much larger expenditure than was anticipated. The board wanted to ensure that proper estimates were being defined in the process so we employed the service of McCownGordon construction to assist us with some project costs as they are in the field as a construction firm and complete heavy renovations across the state and have much experience with this type of work. It was determined from their feedback that this is a large scope project that needed to be defined with long term expectations and visionary leadership involving instruction practices and grade level configurations. Mr. Breese and his administrative team and Board of Education members interviewed and selected an educational architectural team of experts to assist in the development of an adapted plan from an educational perspective. We are currently working with HTK Architects, McCownGordon Construction, District Leadership Teams, the Community Visionary Teams, PIE, Booster Club, and Concordia Middle School Home and School organizations to collaboratively work with our community to identify the most significant facility deficiencies and the proper solution to these challenges.

Next Community Vision Facility Planning Meeting

Wednesday, Nov. 13th, 5:30-7pm

436 West 10th Street

Concordia, KS

Please enter on 10th Street Side as we will be meeting in the CHS Library.

Dinner will be provided.

RSVPs are enabled for this event.