MPE School Governance Council

Quick Facts

Fulton County Schools officially became a charter system in July 2012. This means that each Fulton County school will now have more local decision-making authority and the flexibility to implement innovative ideas and strategies to create opportunities that increase student achievement.

Fulton County Schools developed a 3-year phase-in for the charter system, and Mountain Park is a member of “Cohort 1.” Along with 19 other schools in the district, MPE is excited to be part of the first group of charter system schools.

The Mountain Park Elementary School Governance Council was elected in the winter of 2012. The Council is charged with the meaningful work of helping to determine the long-term direction of the school and exploring innovative strategies to increase academic achievement. Our work will include: approving the school’s annual budget and annual strategic plan and designing specialized educational experiences aligned to increase student achievement.

The School Governance Council meetings are held monthly in the Principal's Office. All meetings begin at 7:30 a.m. For those of you wishing to provide public comment at the meeting, there is a 20-minute window at the beginning of each Council meeting set aside for this. Those who wish to speak may have up to five minutes for the council to gain input. Council meeting dates:

September 13, October 11, November 8, 2013

January 10, February 21, March 21, May 9, June 6, 2014

You can find the following items on the School Governance Council's webpage( :

  • The agendas for each Council meeting which are posted one week prior to each meeting.
  • A summary of actions from each meeting, posted within two days of a meeting.
  • Approved minutes, posted following approval at the next meeting.

Please feel free to contact the School Governance Council with your input.

Stacy Perlman, Principal

Kati Searcy, Chairperson

Saralee Parker, Vice Chair and Community Member

Mary Robson, Assistant Principal, Secretary/Parlimentarian

David Greenwald, Parent Representative

Kim Nolte, Parent Representative

Nicole James, Parent Representative

Melanie Staus, Community Member

Saratan Peters, Teacher Representative

Heather Welch, Teacher Representative

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