Helsinki, Finland

By Emma Quarles Per.5


Finland is smart,modern,busy, friendly, and beautiful. Also, because my family is there, and because Finland's fun and there is a very different outtake on life in Finland than America.

History: Write a brief history about your destination.

The Soviet Union wanted Finland to be apart of them, but Finland said no, and Finland defended for 3 months until they were forced to be part of The Soviet Union.To begin, the article says," Finland was attacked by the Soviet troops," Meaning, that the Russians wanted the Finishes' land and control. Also, in 1947 Finland decided to be friends with Germany, the text states,"1941, Finland allied itself with Finland," Meaning, that the the Finns wanted to trust the Germans.


Culture: Write about your destinations culture.

Finland's culture is friendly, Finish people love to do artsy things like music and paintings. Also, they love to have neighborhood gatherings. To begin, the paragraph says"Finnish city has a municipality theatre, every bigger city has their city orchestra, " Meaning that the Finns love to listen and play music. So if you love artsy activities then Finland is the way to go!

websites www.fime.if

picture of country or city below

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Flight and Hotel: Where I'll be staying?

Flights: Air Canada

Cost: There and back: $7,512.76


Lodging and Hotel: Where will you be staying?

Hotel Name:Apartment Hotel Aallonkoti

Hotel Price:$1,217 for 7 nights

What does your hotel offer? What does your room look like?

This hotel provides free wi-fi and is 6 minutes away for the central station, also there is a view of the Finlandia Park. This room is spacey and is very modern and neat. This place has a bar so if you wish to have a drink or a meal after an eventful day, this is the place to go! Also, if are exhausted, the nice warm comfy bed will greet you when you get home. This hotel has all of your basic need and more.


Activities/ Site to See: What will you do on your dream vacation? (You can add more than 3 activities)

Activity 1: Going white water Rafting will be a great idea for an activity!

Description: White water rafting is a very exciting activity, so for those adventurist people, this is the activity for you! White water rafting is when you are in a kayak looking boat, and you are going through rough wild water. The water is usually cold so brace yourself! Also, they provide life jackets so you don't need to know how to swim.

Cost: 25 euros per person

Activity 2: There is this water park that is like Water World, but it's inside! (Flamingo Spa). Bring towels or they will make you rent one (3 euros).

Description: The indoor water park is fabulous! You can not only swim but there is a steam room, a seasonal sauna,bio saunas,sauna yoga area, and many other saunas! Also,there are restaurants and treatments (the spa area).The water park has many fun activities in the pool.

Cost: 22 euros per person

Activity 3:Lastly, for the athletic people, you could go biking through the city.

Description: Biking through the city is a fun way to get out of the hotel.Lots of people have enjoyed looking through the city while getting exercise! Biking is a great way to sight see! Biking through the city may be a bit hectic, but its a way to get used to the culture of the city!

Cost:24 euros per person for 3 speed and same day rental(9:00 to 19:00)


Problems and Solutions: While traveling a problem may occur, think about those problems and how you would solve them.

The problem I had in Finland was trying to find out what was what, because of the language barrier. I didn't know where to go, or what to eat, because everything looked,well, Finish! I would prefer to bring a Finish dictionary, but before you land in the fabulous country, you should know some of the important words. Like, help,hungry,thirsty,please,I'm a tourist, where is ...., and how much is....? So you have no complication on your trip to Finland!

Optional: About the traveler. Who are you? Have you ever traveled?

I am Emma Quarles, I'm 12 years old and I have gone to many places. I have been to Finland, Germany, Sweden, Caribbean and multiple states. Also, because she is taking me to India.


I chose Finland because my grandparents and other family relatives are there, and I love Finland's culture. I'm taking Bre, because she is a good friend and we have been trying to plan this trip and we might actually go when we get older. Also, because she is taking me to India.