Hinduism is a religion in india and all over the where world .The founder of hindiusm is no one . power in hindusm is 80% .major scriptures for hinduism for exaample upanishadas also self restrain . hinduism text are secret

Date founder

no founder of hinduism nor date when founded .There are 900 million people who are hinduism. the size rank of hinduism is 30,000,000 ( the followers are 60% of the world that have a the religion of hunduism) the date founded of hinduism is 1450

spirit leaders

sprit leader

sprit leaders that are hnduism is 30 milllion leaders .Hinduism might be the oldest Religion in the world they worship 3 Diffirent gods one name of the god is Puja the sacred text is something they will believe in like a holy book like the bible that we cathoclic,christian,and etc....