Kejimkujik National Park

Nova Scotia, Canada by Garrett Funk

Awesome Fun Things To Do Here!!!!

You can go canoeing, kayaking, and even fish the day away. Swim in our warm dark lakes and rivers. We have fenced in swimming areas for the little kiddies too.

Physical Features Of Our Wonderful Land

Giant boulders, boulder fields, and hills are easily seen. Our land has numerous shallow lakes and is connected by rivers. We are in southwestern Nova Scotia and are the best canoeing country in the province.

Our Wildlife

Our Park Is Fun For All Ages

Our Wonderful Plants

Our park has 23 different types of fern, about 15 species of orchards, and 37 aquatic species. Trails allow you to visit different habitats without damaging them. But one rule is stay on the trails so you can help preserve the plants.