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When you open the game, the title appears at the top, and there is a long, blue, 3D rectangle with a small, black ball sitting on it. There is a subtitle that says “tap to play”. If you decide to tap your screen, the ball will start moving forward. Once the ball gets to the end of the rectangle, you have to tap the screen again, so your ball can move to the next rectangle. You go throughout the game tapping your screen trying to keep your ball on the twisting rectangles. Every time you tap your screen, the rectangles twist to the right or left depending on where the next rectangle is. If your ball does fall off, you have the option to retry. If you hit the retry button, you are taken back to the home screen. On the home screen, you can buy different levels and balls by tapping the shopping basket. You earn coins by collecting the glowing, purple dots floating on the rectangles as you play the game. Every ball and level costs 100 coins. That’s how you play the game Twist.


Do you ever want to leave the world that you are in now to go someplace better? Well, if you do know that it comes with a very gruesome price...your eyes and soul. In the movie Coraline, Coraline, voiced by Dakota Fanning, moves from Michigan into the Pink Palace apartment buildings in another state. She is very lonely in her new home with only an annoying boy Wybie, voiced by Robert Bailey Jr., and a miniature doll version of herself with button eyes to keep her entertained. One day while exploring, Coraline finds a very small locked door, and once unlocked it is completely bricked up. At night the door is no longer bricked up, and Coraline is able to follow a small mouse into the peculiar doorway. On the other side is an exact replica of her new house only with a happier setting. In the other world, Coraline meets her Other Mother, voiced by Teri Hatcher, her Other Father, voiced by John Hodgman, Other Miss. Spink and Miss. Forcible, voiced by Jennifer Saunders and Dawn French, and Other Mr. Bobinsky, voiced by Ian McShane. Oh, one other thing, they all have button eyes! There is even the cat, voiced by Keith David, from the real world, except there is something strange about him. The cat talks, and he is the only one without button eyes. As Coraline keeps visiting she realizes too late that the other world holds very dark and sinister secrets. Coraline must play a game in order to get her old family and life back. How far will she go to win the unfair game? Overall, Coraline has a fantastic story line, and is filled with the mysterious unknown.

"Coraline" Official Trailer

An Inside Look At A CSI

I know most of you have watched the show, CSI, on T.V. where a crime takes place, and the actors have to run around using fancy instruments to capture their killer by the end of the show. Well, real CSI work isn’t that fast or simple. It takes a careful eye to find the matching fingerprint, and a good problem solver to find out how the body died.

To start, CSI’s do not talk to any of the witnesses or suspects they only investigate the crime scene, and bring it back for analyzing. Not all CSI’s work in laboratories either, some work in morgues, hospitals, or even campuses. A CSI must collect all sorts of evidence from hair fibers, blood splatter, gunshot evidence, and fingerprints, and they must use all of that evidence to become an expert witness in their suspect’s trial. A CSI has to be comfortable with speaking in front of people when it comes to court. Also a CSI can not faint when they see a mangled body because some of their scenes can be fairly gruesome. A CSI can also use bugs on the body for evidence. Bugs can tell a CSI when the body died, and how and where the wound was inflicted, and the weapon used to kill the body. A CSI has to be an above average student because a CSI’s mind is constantly analyzing, learning, and solving puzzles. A CSI must have a field of knowledge with biology, physics, and psychology. On average a CSI will earn an annual salary of $30,000 to $50,000 if they work for local government, but if they work for federal government they can earn up to $90,000 to $100,000 annually. A CSI must also be alert and ready 24/7. A CSI can be a police officer, or even an everyday civilian. A CSI normally needs to have a two to four year degree in criminal justice before getting to work as a professional CSI.

In conclusion, a CSI’s work is hardly ever fun and games. A CSI has to have a watchful eye, and a mind that can problem solve any puzzle. I think a CSI has the most thrilling and mysterious type of job.

Mysterious Woman with Kaleidoscope Eyes

Two weeks ago a new resident moved into house 666 on Blimey Street, and sources say that the young lady's name is Hagitha Baggins. Baggins exited her house on Sunday, July 6, 2016 at 12:00 P.M. to buy groceries and coffee. Pedestrians say Baggins was wearing a long black cloak, had gray hair, and was wearing black sunglasses even though it was a fairly cloudy day. She left downtown promptly at 3:16 P.M. and went back to her house with all her blinds shut. This continued for over a week. Always showing up in the downtown area at 12:00 P.M. and leaving at 3:16 P.M. On July 13, 2016, Baggins went into the downtown area at 12:00 P.M. without sunglasses. Her eyes were the color of fire, but then they turned icy blue. Her eyes never stayed the same color, and they always showed the person she was looking at their deepest fear. Baggins was taken to the Yikes County Insane Asylum, and is being looked over by scientists and psychiatrists. There will be more information on this matter coming soon.