Kate Amaya, Natalia Bertadillo, Kelsey Scott

What is an Analogy?

It is a comparison between two things, typically on the base of their structure and for the purpose of clarification and explanation.

What are the types of analogies?

Synonyms-Angry:furious:: shocked: suprised

Antonyms- Hard:Soft:: rough: Smooth

Characteristics- Tropical: Hot:: Polar: Cold

Part/Whole- toes: feet:: stem: Flower

Degree-Mist: Fog:: Drizzle: Tropical Storm

Type- German Shepherd: Dog:: Butterfly: Bug

Tool/Worker- smart board: Teacher:: tools: engineer

Action/Object- Fly: Jet:: Cycling: bike

Item/Purpose- Knife: Cut:: pan:Cook

Product/Worker- Poet: Poem:: Baker: Pie

How Does One Solve Analogies?

An analogy is a type of word problem that consists of two word pairs. To solve the analogy you must find a word that correctly completes the second pair. At first glance, the words in an analogy may seem to have nothing to do with each other, but the words are always logically related. The first pair of words has a relationship similar to the second pair of words. To solve the analogy, you need to figure out that relationship.

Laces: Shoe:: Button: ________?