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A career that lets you keep dance in your life.

Costume Design Desription

Costume designers create the look of each character by designing clothes and accessories the actors will wear in performance. Depending on their style and complexity, costumes may be made, bought, revamped out of existing stock or rented. Their designs need to faithfully reflect the personalities of the characters in the script.

Required Education and Average Salary

There is no specific education when it comes to costume design but when it comes to a job the key thing is experience. Some of the required things are a bachelors degree in costume design and a portfolio containing their previous careers and workshop experience. Also to be a costume designer you need to be artistic, creative and detail oriented. Its also very helpful to participate in an internship. The average salary for a salaried fashion designer is $64,530 per year.

Famous Canadians who have achived this job.

  • Brian Bailey
  • Dean and Dan Caten
  • Simon Chang
  • Dov Charney
  • Edison Chen
  • Patrick Cox
  • John Fluevog
  • Rad Hourani
  • Tara Jarmon
  • Justina McCaffrey
  • Erdem Moralioğlu
  • Marie-Paule Nolin
  • Arnold Scaasi
  • Alfred Sung
If you follow this simple guide one day you can be a costume designer to like these great people.