children rights

yael levy and sharon keshet

the children rights:

1. The right to live.

2. The right to get food Regularly.

3. The right to get education.

4. The right to go to school.

5. The right to get health traetment.

6. The right to get respect from people.

7. The right to be loved.

8. The right to express their desires,opinions and emotions.

9. The right to resist.

10. The right to get protection.

11. Right to grow up in a safe place, not to be abused.

12. Right to save personal items.

13. The right to be heard.

14. The right to work (in a place that suit them) from age 15+.

15. The right to be free.

Global Friendship is a young, dynamic, and environmentally conscious not-for-profit that works to improve the standard of living in developing regions.

we created the call -"Children are not your 'business!' "

Iqbal's story:

Iqbal was a little boy, who worked in carpets factory.

He suffered from abuse - verbal mental and even physical.

He didn't get all the rights, for exmple:

1. Get food Regularly.

2. Education.

3. The right to get health treatment.

4. Get respect.

5. Be loved.

6.To be free.

If the mastar was angry about iqbal he can even incarcerate him.

one day, iqbal made the mastar angry, and he sent him to the jail- the tomb.

The tomd is a small place, without love or protection, someone who check his health, not option to object- and for sure, not the right place for children !

childhood is a period of time that effect on your life in the future, period of time who will never come back ! children should be happy and free - enjoy thier childhood !

please keep all the children rights- for not be another poor "Iqbal".