Jackie Robinson

Biography by: Kaye

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Jackie Robinson's early life

Jackie Robinson was born January 31,1919

When Jackie was only 18 months old, his father left there family. Because he had five children and could not feed them. He left his wife to do it all. Mallie Robinson was there mom. The where a very religious family. They where one of the only colored familys on there street.

The teenage life of Jackie Robinson

When Jackie was a teenager he joined a gang, they got into a big mess one day. They decided to plaster one of the neighbor's yards. Jackie had to get all of the plaster off.

Later he went to collage and after a year he was the star football football player. Then he met his future wife. He left collage before he could graduate, and went off to war.

Jackie's Sports life

Jake joined the Brooklyn Dodgers. There most of his team did not like him because of his skin color. Him and Rachel Robinson did not care what the team thought. Little did any one know was that Jackie Robinson would Have a positive effect on the world.

Later that year Jackie's wife had a child.

Jackis Baseball years

Jackie had a good effect on the world because he was the first African American to play major league baseball. The man who wanted him to play on his team, "said that next year he was going to get more African Americans to play baseball" Through out his life he had many people who did not like him but he ignored them. That is why he is a great man t look up to. He had to overcome many obstcals in his life, many people said mean words to him but he took it and still played. He never gave up on any thing.

Why I chose this person

I chose him because he is a good person to right, and look up because he did not care what people said, he never took any of it to hart. He was a strong person.

That is why I chose him to right about.

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