Puterbaugh Middle School Math

Make the Little Things Count

Best Math Teacher Ever!!!!

Ms. Homer really is an awesome teacher because she isn't the type of teacher to make your back pack feel like it weighs 45 pounds on the weekend and neither during the week. It is easy to do the work because she gives us worksheets that are amazingly easy because of some of the ways she teaches us how to do it.

About Ms. Homer

Ms. Homer is one of those fun and very young teachers, she only in her early twenty's, if I was as young as her I probable wouldn't teach 7th graders, I would be traveling all around, but I guess she is brave and saving for something. But I'm glad she is my math teacher because she is funny sometimes and, at some point, lets people take selfies with her

Guarenteed that you will have the best time ever in Ms. Homer's Math Class

What is She Like

Ms.Homer teaches 7th and 8th grade math, this was her first year to teach at all, and her class love to take selfies and mess around with her. But if you mess with her too much, you will eventually get on her bad side and she will not treat you like like she does to everyone else, like letting you have your phone out or other good things.
So if you don't be respectful you'll miss out on a lot.