Fable Story

Will Pieper

The Quater and the Vending Machine

A long long time ago in the deep deep arcade, was a quarter named 50'cent and a vending machine named Nasty. Nasty saw the quarter on the ground and asked him to do a favor, he asked him to buy one of his horrible and nasty snacks. 50'cent didn't want to buy any of the gross snacks but he didn't have anywhere else to go because one of the kids dropped him. he jumped up and got in the quarter slot, and a snack fell out. Nasty was so thankful and the quarter was happy he did that.

That night the quarter was all alone on the ground feeling lonely and left out.Nasty saw him crying and wanted to help him. Nasty yelled at 50'cent but he did not respond. finally 50'cent went up to Nasty and asked him if he could go up there and talk with him. all night and everyday 50'cent and Nasty talked, and the best part was that they turned out as best friends, and they restocked Nasty with good food and now they call him Goodie.


What goes around comes around