All about high school cheerleading!

cheer basics

Some people may not think that cheer is a sport but most people do not understand exactly what cheer is about, which is more then just yelling a few words and dancing around. So lets start with the bare minimum of what cheer really is. A cheer team is usually called a squad and that squad is split up into stunt groups which is a group of 4 people that attempt throw their flyer in the air and hit a type of stunt. Some stunts are more difficult then others. In a normal routine there is 4 parts, the stunt sequence, the cheer, the tumbling and the dance.

stunt positions.

there 4 different positions that you could be put into. There first position I will talk about is the flyer. The flyer has a very important role they are the ones that everybody watches in a stunt group. Their job is to be flexible,short and have enough courage to be thrown 10 feet in the air risking the fact they might fall from that height and hit the hard ground. they are usually lifted up by their 3 bases. One type of base is back base. Their job is to be tall, strong, and able to catch their flyer when falling. To be a back base it takes amazing strength because your other bases are counting on you to ease the weight of the flyer making it easier for the bases to lift the flyer. Another part in a stunt group is main base. Main bases are usually on the side and lift half of the weight of the flyer they also control most of what is happening in the stunt for example if the stunt is spinning the flyer it is their job to help the flyer spin. The final part in a stunt is side base. The side base shares half of the weight with the main base and also provides control but not as much as main base.

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