Stella & Dot

Team Villarreal - January 2013 (Midmonth News!)

You put the Bling in Spring!

Your business is in full bloom this season. And in true Stella & Dot fashion, it just keeps getting better! What is the difference between a Diamond Director and you? Tenacity! Just keep at it and you WILL reach your goals, and you have so many tools available to make it easier along the way!

Is your goal...

A Disney Vacation with the kids (paid with your little blue card)?

Being debt free?

A down payment on a house?

Shoe money?

A full time income so you can quit your job?

Time to change your strategy and give your Stella & Dot some love & pays off if you do! And you already made the investment so you have NOTHING to lose!

Glam Getaway 2013

Are you aiming for Level 1, 2, 3 or the whole enchilada?

Share your goals with me on the comment section below and we will come up with a plan together.

When you share your goal with the team here you will win a 2013 Plan Book! Perfect for your bookings!

New Career Levels

Lead Stylist

A Lead Stylst is someone who...

- Qualifies with $500 dlls retail (yes! No more $770 dlls! This is the new qualification level!)

- Has one or more stylists that sells $1 dlls or more a month, this is called an active stylist

- This level comes after Stylist and before Senior Stylist

- You earn 4% commission on your first line

Associate Director

An Associate Director is someone who...

- Qualifies with $2,308 dlls retail

- Has 4 or more qualified stylists on her first line (they each sell $500+ dlls a month)

- Has 1 Star Stylist (she has a team of 4 or more on her first line that qualify with $500+ dlls each)

- Has a percentage of Group Sales coming from new Stylists she sponsors and help launch successfully!

- This level comes after Star and before Director

- You earn 12% on your first line and 6% on your second

Hoopla 2013

Early Bird Registration Bonus!

Get $300 dlls in free jewelry! (Stay tuned)

New Qualification Level

Qualified Stylist

This means you...

- Sold $500 dlls or more retail

- No more 500 PCV...think of it in dollars!

Free Jewelry Credits!

Volume Bonus

- Sell $5,000 dlls retail and get $100 dlls in free jewelry every month

Consistency Bonus

- Sell $500 dlls for 3 consecutive months and get $100 dlls every quarter! That's $400 dlls a year in free bling!

Spring Rally 2013

Attend and bring your 2013 Goal Sheet! Get free Spring Minis on me!

Stylist Opportunity

Grow your team, they get an extra $100 in free jewelry in January!