Earths physical feature's

Come see the best places on Earth

Are Regions of earth

Welcome to Earth. I have some places for you but first i will tell you some way we put planet earth into regions. One way we do is by continents, so on earth there are as you can see there are 5 big land masses and one island that we have split into 7 continents. We also split the earth buy time zone, so when your traveling you will have to change your clock. We also have regions bye the population of that area.

Mount Everest

On your way down to the surface take pit stop on top of mount Everest. it has a beautiful view, and lots of snow so you might want a to pack something warm like a coat and boots. If you want to climb the mountain you will need climbing gear for your climb. If you'd like to live there, you will need to dig out a flat spot. There's rarely human activity so you won't see us. We climb the mountain sometimes so you will see us sometimes.

Mauna Loa

If you liked mount Everest but it was not fun. i suggest to go to the Mauna Loa in Hawaii. you might want to bring a heat proof suit to stop the lava. Its very hot so if you don't like heat, it's not a place for you. Us humans can"t take the heat so you wont see us. The cool thing is every time it erupts the island gets bigger.

The Nile river

If you didn't like mount Everest maybe you will like the great Nile river in Egypt. its fast water should really be exciting . You should bring a weapon though, the river is infested with crocodiles, so be careful.The river has some humans so if you don't like conversation don't go here. Us humans collect water from the river but you wont see us very often.

lake Superior

If the Nile river was to dangerous but if you liked the water i suggest the great lake superior . It's the largest lake in the world. you might want a water prof coat because its cold. We fish and swim in the lake so you will see us a lot. In the cold seasons the water is vicious and could be very dangerous.