Rehab project

By James

Phoenix Outdoors vision.

Phoenix Outdoor is a therapeutic wilderness program for teens ages 13 to 17 who are struggling with substance abuse, as well co-occurring behavioral and mental health issues. Located in the stunning Blue Ridge Mountains of North Carolina, Phoenix Outdoor blends clinical assessments, wilderness therapy, the 12 Step model and traditional therapeutic interventions to help teens realize the extent of their substance abuse problem and commit to the process of change.

Phoenix outdoors helps with

  • Defiant Behavior
  • Family Conflict
  • Depression
  • negative peer relationships
  • School Failure
  • Anxiety
  • Entitlement issues
  • Low self-esteem
  • Attention deficit
  • Anger issues
  • Drug Abuse & Addiction

Programs offered and types of treatment

  • Seasons
  • SUWS of the carolinas
  • Phoenix outdoors
  • Approach


call (877) 219-6910

Five addiction fact about Phoenix Outdoors

  1. Wilderness therapy is uniquely effective for adolescents who are abusing drugs and alcohol.
  2. At Phoenix Outdoor, teens are free from distractions such as television, telephones and visitors.
  3. Teens can't just walk out of treatment when they become frustrated with the process.
  4. Collaborating with a peer group and trained instructors to live in a wilderness environment creates a bond that motivates adolescents to open up and share experiences and struggles that they face in common.
  5. Trained therapists help teens draw analogies between their wilderness experience and real life to give them insight and perspective.