Mrs. Connor's Math Newsletter

Welcome Back!

My name is Sandy Connor and I will be your child's mathematics teacher for this school year. I was so excited to finally meet my math students on Friday and put some faces to names. Teaching math is my favorite part of the day and I hope your child enjoys their time with me while expanding their math knowledge and problem solving skills.

I use email as a communication tool throughout the year to keep you informed of helpful hints, tests and study guides. If you could please respond to this newsletter with a quick “got it” so I can verify that your email is current, I would appreciate it.

The math program moves quickly which can prove to be difficult for some students. Please know that concepts will be revisited throughout the year if they are struggling with skills. Fifth grade math can be very challenging for parents too! Please know that I am here to help you with any questions you may have about techniques or "How can I help my child" inquiries.

If there are any questions or concerns you may have, please feel free to email me anytime.



The calculator needed for math is the TI 34 multiview. It can be found online at Office Depot ($19.99), Walmart ($18.94), Amazon ($18.94) It is important that you get this calculator for your child to easily follow along with instructions in class. See photo below for correct calculator.

I try to encourage students to keep a small pencil pouch of supplies (pencils, dry erase marker, eraser, calculator) in their blue math bag so they do not have to move it in and out of the bag throughout the day. It can just "live" in the bag so they are always ready for math class.

Calculator for Math

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Important Dates to Note

Sept. 11 - Picture Day

Sept. 12 - 8:00 - 9:00 P.M. 5th Grade Curriculum Night

Homework Assignments

Every night your child will have a Study Link to complete for homework. Homework is posted on the board every Monday for the class to copy. This allows them to have assignments for the week and plan ahead.

Calculators are NOT to be used on homework. Students must show ALL their work to receive credit.

At the bottom of each Study Link there is typically a "Practice" section. This must be completed. Students are shown to use the blank page to the left of the SL to write out the problem and show their work rather than trying to squeeze it down at the bottom of the page.

Homework does count 20% towards their final trimester grade. Each student starts with 100% for homework. I deduct 5% for each missing SL and 2% for incomplete homework. Any missed homework must be made up BEFORE test day to receive credit. Students receive full credit as long as it is shown to me before test day. This is an easy way to improve their math grade and learn to be responsible for assignments!

Curriculum Night (Back-to-School Night)

During back to school night parents will go to their child's homeroom first to hear about Language Arts. After you will follow your child's block schedule for Science/Social Studies and Math classes. Please come to my room (Room 21) during your scheduled time. I don't have enough room in my classroom to house both sets of parents from Block 1 and 2 so please come during your scheduled time.

I look forward to seeing you all later this week.

Email and HAC Link

If you have any questions or want to email me for any reason, please do so anytime at Please make sure all your emails are updated through HAC (Home Access Center). If you need instructions to change your information this page will help.

Please Respond to the Email to Verify You Recieved This Message

I am looking forward to an exciting school year. Be on the look-out for more emails in the near future.

~Sandy Connor