What's Up With That?

What Will the Future Hold?

We are going to start examining that process today by gathering "signals" that give us clues about the future.

What Is A Signal?

A signal is typically a small or local innovation or disruption that has the potential to grow in scale and geographic distribution. A signal can be a new product, a new practice, a new market strategy, a new policy, or new technology. It can be an event, a local trend, or an organization. It can also be a recently revealed problem or state of affairs.

Gathering Signals

Armed with cell phone cameras and a sheet of paper, take 20 minutes and identify 3 signals that you think give us some idea about what the future will be like. Send these signals to

These signals can be anything. Something you've seen online, a physical object, a photograph, a video, even things like drawings or conversations you've had (transcribed, recorded or even reenacted if you are so inclined).