digestive system

By Isai castro

Your Disgusting Organs

The first part of the system is the nasty but helpful parts and they are the mouth,esophagus,stomach,small intestine,Large intestine,rectum,anus.

The Functions

Now lets go of into the slimy mouth for the jobs that may seem weird but amazing,the mouth crunches the food,the esophagus is the long drop for food,the stomach burns the food,the small intestine absorbs nutrients ,the large intestine absorbs water,rectum and anus drop the waste.

The Amazing Fun Facts

A Thing To Remember

We are done with the factory and now we are coming to an end,so what did you learn? I learned that the digestive system is important because if you never had it you would die of hunger because the mouth is part of the digestive system so with out a mouth where would the food enter.