RILINK Newsletter

October 2020

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Request for Volunteers

How have you benefitted from RILINK membership? Would you be willing to volunteer to promote those benefits?

An integral piece of RILINK's five-year plan is to develop a public relations plan aimed at educational stakeholders and potential funding sources. The creation of a public relations subcommittee of the Strategic Plan Advisory Committee is needed to build on the outreach RILINK staff will do with school personnel and groups such as SLRI.

RILINK is seeking volunteers from our membership and the Strategic Plan Advisory Committee to participate on this subcommittee. The subcommittee will be charged with developing a publicity plan to include potentially the development of promotional materials, website and social media posts with member testimonials, and other efforts that reflect data-driven evidence of the usefulness of RILINK resources.

We need an individual to chair the group and members that reflect our K12 community and educational partners. Dorothy will represent the RILINK Staff on the committee.

Please contact Sharon at if you are interested in giving some of your time to this important initiative.

RILINK COSTS FOR 2021 - 2022

Please note the following changes in budgeting for the 2021-2022 school year:

  • Annual Destiny maintenance costs will increase by up to $100 to $862.67 next year and following as we move to Follett-hosted next summer
  • Each site will be participating in the Rhode Island OverDrive group (RISOCKS) and will be invoiced annually at the cost listed below, which will be based on enrollment as of October 1, 2020. OverDrive titles will be accessed through a Destiny Discover link to the SORA interface. The changeover to OverDrive from BookLynx is planned for June-August of 2021.
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  • RILINK will add new titles and requests to the RISOCKS OverDrive collection and will no longer include the additional $100 per site charge for adding materials to BookLynx. Additional materials will also be added using the participation fees listed above.

RILINK ECN Offerings

As a provider for RIDE's Educator Course Network, RILINK is offering 4 sessions on October 19:

Members may also request customized sessions. Visit our RILINK Professional Learning page at for details or to request a session.

October Tips

  • Can't log into Destiny Discover? Please let your students and teachers know that they should try, try again. The second try is almost always the charm, unless that username or password is not in Destiny for your site.

  • Resources can now be shared directly to Google Classroom from the Share option under Title Details.

  • Please do not post usernames and passwords for any RILINK group subscriptions or any of your own subscriptions on any web page that is publicly accessible. Doing this violates the license agreement with the publisher. You may post subscription usernames and passwords in any Google documents or any web pages that are are only accessible to your students and teachers.

  • Need to make materials in quarantine show as "not available"? Add a new Patron Type called Quarantine and a new Patron called Quarantine. Then assign the new Patron to this new Patron Type. Then you can check out materials to Quarantine. Make sure to increase the number of items that can be checked out to the Quarantine patron type.

  • While you can't globally change due dates or renew materials, you can globally excuse fines. Go to the Admin tab, click on Update Patrons, and then choose Excuse Fines from the right-hand side of the series of tabs. Note: Ignore the back up date; we update nightly.

  • Need information about usernames and logins for students and teachers at your school?Go to the Reports tab on your site, click on Report Builder, and then look for reports called Student usernames and Teacher usernames. You can produce a file of each sorted in alphabetical order by last name. When the report has finished, you can find it in Report Manager under the Reports tab. You can download the Excel file to allow editing. For security reasons, passwords do not show in this report. If you need information about passwords, please contact Note: If your local student ID numbers have leading zeroes, these will be incorporated into the Username if they are used as part of the Username even though Destiny ignores them in creating barcode numbers.

  • Restore cover images for your Destiny site by going to the Admin tab, clicking on Site Configuration in the left-hand column, and then clicking on the Site Info tab toward the top right. Scroll down the page, and if Use TitlePeek is unchecked, check it, and then Save. If the page won’t save, let us know at

  • Need to keep track of which students assigned to Distance Learning groups, but can't change the homeroom assignments? Rename an unused UserDefined field ''Distance Learning" in the Admin tab by going to Site Configuration in the left-hand column and then choosing the Circulation tab on the horizontal bar. Scroll down to find the User Defined fields. Remember to Save. Then you can put something in that field for each student assigned to Distance Learning, such as "y" for yes or a group number. You can then find these students in both the Admin and the Circulation tabs by searching in that field and get a list to print out using Report Builder in the Reports tab.

  • Looking to add links to your site in Destiny Discover and want to add visual logos for the links? Log into your LibGuides site and find them in the Image Manager in the Shared Library in the folder called Square logos for DDiscover. Members who do not use LibGuides can also find them at You can save them to your computer, and then upload them into Destiny Discover when you are adding a link. You will need to use the sliding bar to fit the image into the box after you have found it on your computer. Please let us know if there are additional logos you would like, or if you have some that you have created and would like to share.

  • Find video tutorials for AskRI, EBSCO, World Book and many other subscriptions to share with your students and teachers at by scrolling down the page to locate the tutorial button link for each database.

  • Looking for ideas for setting up your Destiny Discover site for Distance Learning? Use the News section to point your teachers and students to a Google page that only they can access for login usernames and passwords to Destiny and databases. Check out the Johnston Senior High School site and plan to attend the "Meet Destiny Discover for Librarians" Professional Learning session on October 19th to learn more.

  • Want content to show up on the Database tab when a student or teacher is searching? Databases must be set up in One Search in Destiny Back Office. For directions, please see our website at

Fill out the form below to request help or ask questions about any of these tips!

Questions about

Do you have a question about resources that you would like to have answered? RILINK is partnering with to develop a FAQ to address member questions.

Please complete this simple form at to submit your questions.

The RI Latino Books Month Book Award Committee has announced the 2021 RI Latino Books Month Nominees. Please visit to see the nominees for each age group. Details about how to participate are on their website at The ones available as eBooks have been ordered.

The list is posted on the RILINK website at As additional materials become available, they will be posted there. RILINK Schools LibGuides Users can add them to their sites by reusing the page posted to the Webster High School LibGuide at

To do this

  • Add Page
  • Select the "Reuse Existing Page" Tab
  • Search for Webster High School
  • Select the page
  • Check the Copy box ( so you can edit the page)
  • Click Save.

A Gallery Box has been added at the bottom of the page with titles & descriptions if you want to provide some of that information rather than just the covers. If you choose to design your own page, all of the titles are now available under "Book from Catalog" Content Type.

The Rhode Island Teachers of English Language Learners are hosting an October Webinar series on Thursdays in October, 4-5pm. Two sessions remain on October 15 & 22. See attached flyer for more details.