Cordelia Hills

Staff Update, 10/21/2019

Glows and Grows

Glows: Bravo to everyone for a great Fun Run this past Friday. Your dedication and willingness to let the kids run off some of their never ending energy is appreciated. Nothing matches those smiles.

In class:

1. I observed a kinder teacher doing a small group reading lesson. What stood out was her positive/excited tone. That tone (along with planning) carried the students through the lesson.

2. A 5th grade lesson where students were collaborating on a writing assignment. Clearly, the groundwork and expectations for collaboration and shared workload had been set by the teacher.

Grows/Question: Last week's question continued: How are you purposefully planning for academic conversations? What specific supports do you have in place for students during academic conversation? What area will you target for the next 30 days when it comes to high quality, in-depth student academic conversation? What gains did you make in this area this past week?

Attendance, Student and Staff

Attendance Challenge:

The class with the best overall attendance percentage from October 21-November 14th will get to have some fun! I will take class votes on the following survey (one vote per class)! Also, if we dip below 15 absences for a any given day during the challenge, the whole school will receive a prize for the day. Lastly, I am including a poster (see email) to hang if your class is "all here".

Remember, I track school wide attendance here! One of the best things we can do to find success for our students is to celebrate their presence and to make sure we are the ones leading them each day! Thanks for your commitment.

**New Postcard**

We have new "parent mail" postcards to send home. They are a celebration of good news. I will place a copy in your box. If you fill it out and give it to me, I will address and place it in the mail for you (with an additional little note from me). Check it out!


Online Referral System (OARS)

Congrats to the two staff members who utilized the Online Referral Link this past week. I received a phone call from another principal about the system this past week. Reflecting on that conversation, a few reminders:

1. The most powerful tool in your "behavior management" arsenal is YOUR relationship with the student. I will always take on a student behavior for you BUT the respect and relationship you have with your students will always supersede anything I say or do with them.

2. Remember, this is a trial. We will see how it goes and our feedback will have an impact on how it is potentially rolled out.

Video Tutorial courtesy Alison Guernsey

If all else fails, just ask me if you have questions or need help.

Update to Policy on Stairs

Update on stair policy:

Previous policy: Students should use the side staircases with railings on both side when going down the stairs.

New policy: Students should use any staircase that has a railing when descending the quad stairs. They should not use the big stairs.

Do your best to remind students of the policy if you see them not meeting the expectation.

MTSS Tier One Plan --**UPDATED**

MTSS Planning Docs are below:

Our Tier One Plan for behavior for October and NOVEMBER is here! Many thanks to those that remembered this and already hit me up for Good News Referrals for October. Please commit to sending one to the office this month!

November: Focus your efforts in class and with your grade level around setting SMART goals for increasing the quality and quantity of level 2 and level 3 academic conversations.

October is focused on recognizing students with Paw Prides and Good News Referrals. Both are available in the staff workroom. Remember, students put Paw Prides in the Paw Pride box on the stage. Good News Referrals come back to me in the office. Students can visit and hand them in and I will recognize them personally.

MTSS Request for Assistance/SSTs

The following is an email excerpt from an email I sent to another teacher. Just in case you are unaware of the process for RFA or SST here at CHE:

"We typically want to have teachers request assistance so that our Tier 2 MTSS team can review a case, offer suggestions, etc. before we escalate to an SST. We have few resources and a small team and so we want to make sure students really should be going to an SST before referred. It doesn't always work out but that is what we are attempting to do.

Either way, the request for assistance form is here: Request for Assistance. This form comes to me directly.

If you don't want to do that and truly want to move forward with an SST, you will fill this form out with plenty of documentation about current interventions. The SST form has changed and is shorter now. It is here: CH SST Form. This form goes to Sandi Fallon.

Finally, I am not sure you have seen this but I will share it anyways. It may help with MTSS/PBIS related information. PBIS/MTSS Need to know. "

Trotter Calendar

As always, you should have access to my calendar. I will send it out just in case. Here are some upcoming highlights:

10/21: Trotter off campus for Monday admin meeting (end of day)

10/23: Staff Potluck

10/25: Trotter Pacemaker Appt at 9:20

10/28: Superintendent's Visit from 9-11 AM

Halloween/Trunk or Treat

Trunk or Treat is Friday, October 25th (6-8PM). Please accept any candy donations. Kristine Jackson is the contact for the Trunk or Treat. Top classes will get front of line passes.

Halloween Parade is start of day on October 31st at the start of the day (right after AM PE) We will stage on the playground, parade through the quad, and then off to class. Parents/guardians can wait view in the quad area.

NWEA MAP Goal Setting

The MAP TEST Administration window for Fall 2019 is now closed. As scores roll in, please make sure you are reviewing the data (ask for help if you need it), talking with colleagues, and most importantly setting some intermediate goals for students to strive for over the next few months.

Please note that the MAP reports page has changed a bit. I think they do a better of job of previewing the reports available to you.

Staff Meeting Resources!--UPDATED this week

Slide deck for Small Group Instruction here!

Update Slide Deck for Module 2

FIA Assessment here

PTA Calendar, 2019-2020

2019-2020 District Calendar and CHE Schedule

District Calendar


--1st-5th Grade: 8:20-2:30

--Kinder, Early Group: 8:20-1:20

--Kinder, Late Group: 9:20-2:20

--TK AM: 8:20-11:40