Adidas Boycott

Kangarooooo skin shoes

Melbourne Sports Depot Boycott Adidas

Animal activists stood in protest outside the Melbourne Sports Depot in the center of Melbourne's busiest shopping district. They handed out leaflets and made non-stop appeals to the public. They hoped to stop people from supporting Adidas while they were part of killing kangaroos. 6.9 Million Kangaroos and their babies will be shot this year, it is the biggest wildlife massacre in the entire world.

Adidas use of Kangaroo skins for shoes

its against animal rights. Each year millions of kangaroos are killed in what is widely regarded as the largest wildlife massacre on the planet. This includes around a million baby kangaroos annually. Torn from their dying mothers’ pouches and stamped on, clubbed to death or left to die of starvation. They are the discarded “trash” of Australia’s new growth industry - kangaroo meat and skin. Seven million adult kangaroos will also be shot to supply world markets. The company most eagerly supporting this mass slaughter is Adidas, by heavily marketing its highly-priced, kangaroo-skin, Predator football boots around the world. You can help our boyott by not buying any products using Kangaroo leather.