April 8, 2016



1. White slips versus reds

2. Protocols for white slips (admin and staff)

3. Escorts

4. Safe seats and buddy rooms

5. Incentives for students and staff

White Slips Versus Reds (5 Minutes)

Whites Slips - Major Office Discipline Referral (ODR), for the most serious offenses.

Example - physical aggression, fighting, verbal threats

White slips are tracked through Infinite Campus data.

Red Slips - Minor Discipline Referral (ODR), for minor offenses.

Example - physical contact, disruption, non-compliance

Red slips are tracked through classroom teachers.

Next year, both white slips and red slips will be documented additionally through SWIS data.

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The FAQs of White Slips (10 minutes)

Q: When should I fill out a white slip?

A: Following any "major" behavior as defined on white sheet.

Q: How soon after a major behavior should a white slip be filled out?

A: As soon as possible, but within the hour of the behavior happening

Q: Where do I turn in a white slip?

A: Directly to Mrs. Milhollin, if possible. Give to Valerie if not in office. Please do not put them in my mailbox or lay them on my desk.

Q: What does the admin do with a white slip?

A: First, receive and review referral. Conference with student and witnesses if necessary. Decide consequence for student (sometimes consult teacher). Call parent - for every white sheet. Document every white sheet in Infinite Campus - this becomes a part of their permanent record. Finish white sheet with documentation notes for teacher and return to teacher's mailbox.

Q:What follow up should teachers/staff do with a white slip?

A: Enforce/follow through with consequences assigned by admin. Have a follow up conference with student about behavior. Keep or track the number of white slips to determine if student should have a behavior TST.

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Escorts - Let's Discuss (15 minutes)

When should you call for an escort?

Who might come?

What does the escort need to know?

What happens to the student who is escorted?

How long before the student returns to class?

What follow up is needed for the teacher who called for an escort?

Safe Seats and Buddy Rooms (5 minutes)

Safe Seat - An area in your classroom. To be used as a place students can go to calm down. Not punitive, proactive. Have safe seat expectations posted, with a few choices of calming activities (such as the sand tray) they can do there. Time should be limited to 30 minutes or less.

Buddy Room - An area in a neighboring classroom (usually the teacher's safe seat), where a student can go to calm down. Documented by a red slip. Time should be limited to 30 minutes or less. Not used as an all day placement - that is considered In School Suspension.

When a student is ready to return from safe seat or buddy room, have a short check in with them before returning to classroom demands/activities.

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Incentives for Students and Staff (5 Minutes)

Student Incentives

  • Praise
  • Bulldog Bucks
  • Bulldog Payday
  • Principal Pride
  • Positive Office Referral
  • Quarterly PBS Celebrations
  • Awards at Monthly Assemblies

Staff Incentives

  • Praise
  • Bulldog Bucks
  • Positive Office Referral


Try a new approach with a difficult student today. Maybe it's making sure you are being 4:1 with that student. Or ignoring behavior that you usually correct. Maybe it's taking two minutes just to talk about their evening and/or morning.

Sometimes we get "stuck" in our ways of dealing with difficult students.

Share out your best classroom management trick by using the hashtag #belairbestpractices Anyone who shares will get a Staff Bulldog Buck!