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April 4, 2016

It's Been a While

From the theme I've chosen here, you can see that I'm ever hopeful for real spring weather and green grass.

I haven't sent out a Tech News in quite a while. I'm trying to be sensitive to all that you have going on. I know that some are immersed or soon will be immersed in SBAC. Others are working on culminating projects, assessments, writing prompts, projects for math studio, and so much more. Your hard work is appreciated.

For those that have completed SBAC or will begin soon (the window goes through the month of May!) - please be considerate of our network. That means no streaming the Masters golf tournament later this week, and stop watching those cute eaglets. :)

With that being said, there are hopefully ways that technology can assist you in being more efficient. I'll share some new ideas below. Thanks for reading!

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Google Updates

Yes, Google is always making changes. There are a few new tools that may assist you in your work and your work with students.

Here are two posts about Google's new Document Outline in Docs:

Other Miscellaneous Google-Related Posts:

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Are Your Students Blogging?

Subscribe to this YouTube channel, Easy Classroom Blogging. It's created by an Australian educator who has created short videos about blog post ideas, growing your audience, getting more comments, and much more!

Safer Internet Day - Family Pledge

Safer Internet Day took place on February 9th this year. Here's a family pledge that was shared. It might be worth passing along to parents.
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7 Sensational Ways to Use OERs

OERs are Open Education Resources. Basically, tools on the web we can use for educational purposes. This post from ISTE shares some great ideas that are worth exploring.

Digital Citizenship Resources

The topic of Digital Citizenship is one we need to address in many ways. It's not a one-shot deal at the beginning of the school year, though that's a great time to start. It's continuous, building upon teachable moments as well as intentionally planning various lessons.

Here are some recent resources around this important topic:

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