Getting a full ride scholarship for volleyball


My best friend at the time encouraged me to try out for school volleyball in 7th grade because she wanted to do it. I have loved the sport ever since then but I knew in the summer before sophomore year that I really wanted to go somewhere with it. I really love to win. It makes me feel like I am good at something and I love to know that people are proud of me. For junior high I received a medal for my volleyball achievements. I have also received mental achievements like being more confident and a fiercer individual. I've made so many friends along the way and my experiences in volleyball are never going to be forgotten.

Kel Bilger

I look up to Kel Bilger the most because I see her background similar to mine. She started out playing volleyball in 7th grade and improved along the years to become the MVP of the varsity team. She is my motivation to do better and to wow the people around me. Not only is she a role model in volleyball but in academics and life outside of school as well. She's the kind of person that everyone wants to know. I have learned so much from watching her play and taking in a lot of her constructive criticism.

Some of the top jobs include:

Guaranteed to be educational and exciting!

1) How can I find which one of these jobs would suit me best in the long run?

2) If I don't appeal to any of these jobs, what are other jobs or majors regarding volleyball that I could try?

Next Steps

1) Shadow these jobs

2) Plan out which would fit with my schedule

3) Take time to see if I get bored of any of these jobs or see if I find another interest that suits me better

4) If i do find another interest, research interest-related jobs and majors to that interest and start planning!