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September 14, 2017

Our Mission: To provide a flexible, personalized learning experience that transcends traditional education models and prepares students for 21st Century citizenship


A special shout out to these students who were chosen by their teachers as this week's shining stars. These students are off to a GREAT start! We can't wait to see who makes the list next week!!


Brandon Vaughn

Austin Bessire

Malaysia Wimberly

Audrey Berger

Cassie Osborne

Social Studies

Kathryn Spinale (Ahead in Civics and Economics)

Dennis Escobar (Great quality of work)

Lisbeth Avila (Amazing quality of work)

Yarini Lara-Hernandez (Almost finished with Sociology)

Kelvin Sweeper (enrolled late, but catching up quick)


Dennis Escobar

Molly Holcombe

Emma Holcombe

Emma Wilkins

Syed Mukhtar


Sabrina McCauslin

Joseph O'Gorman

Jackson Purcell

Brandon Vaughn

Harrison Whetzel

Back-To-School Night/Senior Meeting

Tuesday, Sep. 19th, 6:30-8:30pm

800 Everett Place

Charlotte, NC

This event is MANDATORY for all seniors and HIGHLY RECOMMENDED for all students.

  • Graduation Project Info Session
  • Photos taken for Student ID's
  • Q&A for parents
  • Meet your teachers

We look forward to seeing everyone next Tuesday!

CMS Chromebook Purchase Program

Applied Data Technologies is providing Charlotte-Mecklenburg School parents an opportunity to purchase Chromebooks for only $145.00.

Please visit the following link to learn more:



We hope you will join us for our first eLearning Meet Up of the 2017-18 school year!

Where: Crowder's Mountain State Park

When: Friday, September 22nd (Teacher Workday)

Who: All students are invited!

What: Light physical activity in a beautiful setting!

Why: Get to know your eLearning Peers!

How: Meet us there OR Ride the bus from eLearning Academy (only open to the first 30 students to respond)

Please complete the Crowder's Mountain Meet-Up Form to get signed up!

eLearning Attendance Policy

Effective 2017-18 school year elearning students will be held to the same attendance requirements as students in a face-to-face environment. Teachers will be required to take attendance of students enrolled in CMS teacher-led classes. Attendance is monitored and documented in Powerschool:

  • Students who are behind pace in a course without any completion of work in a 24-hour period will be marked absent.

  • Students on pace and showing strong academic progress (mastery level work) will be considered present.

The absence is documented in Powerschool. Students accumulating 10 or more absences will fail a course. The intervention process for chronic attendance will be implemented at 3 and 5 day absences. Each morning teachers will check Powerschool and document attendance from the previous day.

Parent Portals

Please click on the links below for instructions on setting up Parent Portals.



CMS Email Accounts


Students are required to respond to all correspondence from teachers and the eLearning Academy staff within 24 hours.


Username: StudentID@student.cms.k12.nc.us

Password: YYYYMMDD

1st Semester Mandatory Exam Dates


  • PSAT: October 11 All 10th & 11th Graders

  • Pre-ACT: October 25 All 10th Graders

  • EOC & NCFE: January 12-19 (no exams 1/15) All math, science, English, social studies and CTE courses

**All exams begin at 7:15 AM at the eLearning Campus--800 Everett Place**

Teacher Planning

All teachers will have planning time from 7:30 to 12:30 every Monday. Students are welcome to report to campus on Mondays, but teachers will not be avialable until 12:30.

elearning academy plagiarism policy

Rule 6 of the 2016-17 CMS Student Code of Conduct titled “MISREPRESENTATION (Honesty)” states, “A student will be honest and submit his/her own work.” Further, Rule 6, sub-letter “C” indicates, “...Honor Code Violation: Violating rules of honesty and Honor Codes, including but not limited to plagiarism or copying another student’s test or assignment, are prohibited…” (pg. 11-12).

eLearning Academy has implemented the following consequences for acts of plagiarism:

  • First offense: Documented warning with parent contact. Student may re-do assignment for 50% of credit earned.

  • Second offense: Parent contact with referral to school administrator. Student may not re-do assignment.

Questions regarding eLearning Academy’s Plagiarism Policy should be directed to Ms. Pickard (Principal) and/or Ms. South (Academic Facilitator).

All incidents of plagiarism will be recorded in the eLearning Academy Progress Monitoring document.

eLearning Faculty Contact Information

Homeroom Teachers:

Counselling Services

Ms. Rogers: gwen.rogers@cms.k12.nc.us

Central Piedmont Career & College Promise

Ms. Jackson: rosalind.jackson@cms.k12.nc.us

Math Assistance

Mr. Weghorst: erik.weghorst@cms.k12.nc.us

Science Assistance

Ms. Ruble: laurak.ruble@cms.k12.nc.us

Social Studies, ACT, Psychology Assistance

Ms. Goodwin: andrenar.goodwin@cms.k12.nc.us

English Assistance

Contact the NCVPS English teacher directly

Understanding Edgenuity Grades

Char-Meck Library ONE Access

CMS students have FREE access to fiction and non-fiction materials through the Char-Meck Library. Click here for more info!

SAT Fee Waivers

SAT fee waivers are available to qualified students. Please email Ms. Rogers for more informations.

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