Adriatic Sea

By: Alaina Ryan Beto Babatz Hom =^_^=

the location and size of the Adriatic Sea

The Adriatic Sea is a part of the Mediterranean Sea located between the eastern coastline of Italy, and the countries of the Balkan Peninsula, from Slovenia, south through Croatia, Montenegro, and on to Albania. The Adriatic Sea is 53,514 square miles (138,600 km²).

Physical Characteristics

The Adriatic Sea is a small, beautiful sea, but large enough to see the most beautiful diving sites in the world with an amazing diversity of flora and fauna. A good example is the Mediterranean feather star which is 500 million years old, or jellyfish, evolutionary sea pioneers that continue to prosper to this day. Some of the other animals that live in the Adriatic Sea are the Mediterranean Monk Seal, Dolphins, and Turtles! There are 123 fish species in the Adriatic Sea that are endangered and 5 species are critically endangered. The most endangered are Sharks, Sea Horse (hippocampus spp), Adriatic Sturgeon (Acipenser Naccarii), Sunfish (Mola Mola), and Corb (Sciaena Umbra).

The Climate is a Mediterranean climate. It has warm to hot, dry summers, and mild to cool, wet winters.

Human Characteristics

The main religion in Italy is Catholicism. Their government is a Constitutional Republic. They speak Italian and English in Italy. Croatia's government is a Parliamentary Republic. They speak the Slavic language but there are many dialects. Their religion is Christianity.

Fisheries and Tourism are some of the sources of income along the Adriatic coast. Also there are 19 seaports in the Adriatic. At each one of the seaports, they handle more than a million tons of cargo per year!


Some of the cities around the Adriatic Sea are Bari, Venice, Trieste, Split, Rimini, Rijeka, Pescara, Duress, Ancona, Peso. The people that live along the coast of the Adriatic Sea not only live there to live there, but for the jobs, the beautiful sight to live by the water, for education, to live closer to family, and to be relaxed.

To conclude, the history, sights, and facts of the Adriatic Sea are all beautiful and it just may be a great adventure.