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December 9, 2014

Digital Learning Spotlight: Effective Learning Structures and Authentic Tasks/Products - Library Workstations

Julie Pursley, Watauga Elementary Library Media Specialist, extends literacy instruction into the library with Workstations. She utilizes technology in many of the workstations to engage students in activities for practice and mastery of TEKS students are learning in their classrooms.

Students use iPads, chromebooks, and desktop computers to:

  • listen to reading
  • retell stories
  • write new stories
  • create video book trailers/summaries
  • practice vocabulary and word work, and
  • write music
Read more about technology in K-5 workstations on the Digital Learning website.

Need help getting started using technology in your classroom workstations? Just email your Digital Learning Specialist and let us help you.

Digital Learning December 9th Twitter Chat: "With My iPad..."

In planning for the rollout of staff iPads across the district, join us to discuss the following topic: "With My iPad..."

Below are the questions for consideration:

  1. How can you use your teacher iPad for productivity and professional learning?
  2. How can you use your teacher iPad in the classroom?
  3. What additional training or support do you need to begin or extend your use of your iPad?

We hope you will join us tonight at 8:00 PM. Please invite your friends to join in, as well. We look forward to the weekly chats and value your input!

Go to and search #bisddlp. The questions will begin at 8:00

Project Innovate: Staff iPad Training Sessions Beginning in January

Be sure to look in next week's Digital Learning News Brief for the first set of Project Innovate iPad training dates and registration links. As you read this news brief, final scheduling and resource preparations are being made by the Digital Learning team! Project Innovate will include iPad roll-outs throughout 2014-2015 with many opportunities for continued training and support.

Use Student Devices for Easy Formative Assessment and Instant Feedback

Check out our Formative Assessment/Student Feedback Digital Learning Platform webpage for how-to information about three great ones! Kahoot, Socrative, and Infuse Learning.

Need help getting started? Just contact your Digital Learning Specialist and let us come out and help you get started.

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