Folsom School News

January 2021

Greetings Folsom School Community!

Dear Folsom Families,

It is with great pleasure to recognize Ms. Kristen Deitz and Mrs. Jennifer Bailey as the Folsom Educators of the Year! As you can imagine, the selection process was a difficult one due to the number of Folsom Educators worthy of this distinct honor. I would like to thank all the parents and students that nominated a Folsom Educator for this prestigious award. All letters of recommendation were shared with each nominee.

A little about Ms. Deitz and Mrs. Bailey…

Ms. Deitz began her teaching career at Folsom in 2013 and is currently in the role of a seventh-grade special education teacher. Prior to Folsom, Ms. Deitz graduated from Saint Joseph’s University in 2012 with a specialization in elementary and special education.

Ms. Deitz does an outstanding job as a special education teacher assisting students in all the core content areas. We are fortunate to have an educator of her skill level at Folsom. Here is an excerpt from one of the nomination letters recognizing Ms. Deitz: "Kristen’s ability to understand academic and behavioral differentiation sets her apart. She does not hesitate to look for new or alternative methods and strategies to support her students. She maintains a positive attitude in the most difficult of situations. Kristen builds rapport with her students in powerful ways."

In addition to Ms. Deitz’s teaching duty, she has participated in a number of school-wide events such as the spelling bee, geography bee, talent show, and homework hangout to name just a few.

Mrs. Bailey is currently a two-on-one instructional aide in the pre-kindergarten classroom. Mrs. Bailey started back at Folsom in 2018 after working here in years past. Mrs. Bailey also worked at Toddler Town during her time at Folsom. Mrs. Bailey does a superb job engaging her students in the inclusive setting. One letter of recommendation in support of Mrs. Bailey stated the following, "I literally cannot put into words how thankful I am to have had Mrs. Bailey as a part of our life... They look at her as a second mother since she spends so much of their day with her, and best of all, she makes them feel like she loves them just as much as they love her."

In addition to Mrs. Bailey’s role in the pre-kindergarten classroom, she is always willing to roll up her sleeves in order to provide Folsom students enriching opportunities outside the classroom. Mrs. Bailey has teamed up with her sister, Ms. Cirillo to coordinate the lip sync show, school plays, and the summer extended school year program.

Ms. Deitz and Mrs. Bailey richly deserve the recognition and accolades for their excellence, enthusiasm, and focus on their professional practice.


Matthew Mazzoni, Ed.D.


Dates to Remember

December 24th thru January 3rd Winter Break!

School Reopens Monday, January 4th, 2021!


Board of Education Reorganization Meeting (virtual) 6:00 pm


Falcons Spirit Day! Wear your Folsom spirit wear!


Academic Support 3:30-4:30 pm


Academic Support 3:30-4:30 pm


Home & School Meeting(virtual)


Academic Support 3:30-4:30 pm


Academic Support 3:30-4:30 pm


Academic Support 3:30-4:30 pm


School Closed-Martin Luther King Jr. Day

January's Character Trait

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Free Breakfast and Lunch Program

We are excited to announce that ALL students are eligible for free breakfast and lunch through June 2021. We are encouraging ALL students to take advantage of this benefit as this greatly helps our cafeteria.

In addition to these meals being free while they are in school on their hybrid days, we will continue to have meals available for pickup on Wednesdays from 10 am – 2 pm. These meals will also be free for all students. The meals can be picked up outside the Cafeteria, by Door 14. There will be a sign indicating where to wait. We ask that everyone please stay in your car as the meals will be brought out to you. Students that are all remote will be able to pick up 5 breakfasts and 5 lunches each Wednesday. All other students participating in the hybrid option will be able to pick up 3 breakfasts and 3 lunches.

Again, all meals are free to ALL students through June 2021 and we encourage ALL families to take advantage of this benefit.

If you have any questions, please contact Ms. Debbie DeCicco at 609-561-8666 ext 119 or


Academic Support

We are excited to offer afterschool and evening support to our students in grades K-8. Beginning January 11, 2021 Folsom teachers will be available Monday and Tuesday afterschool each week from 3:30-4:30 pm for in-person support. Students will be dismissed promptly at 4:30 pm through the library doors. Teachers will also be offering virtual support through Google Meet on Wednesday and Thursday each week from 6:30-7:30 pm. The students will be supported both in person and virtually based on their grade level K-2, 3-5 and 6-8. For more information please contact your classroom teacher.

Virtual Academic Support:

This is open to all cohorts and will take place from 6:30-7:30pm on Wednesdays and Thursdays each week. The following is the meet link for your child to join:

Grades 3-5 with Mrs. Valenti

Grades K-2 with Ms. Fasola

Grades 6-8 with Mrs. Russell

Parents, teachers and students have all learned to adapt to a new digital environment and I know it can be overwhelming, even for the most organized person. A quick way to check on your child’s work in Google Classroom is to be aware of the To-Do List.

If you are looking at your Google Classroom homepage, click on the three lines to reveal the link for the To-Do List. Once you click on that To-do heading, all activities that have been assigned will appear in order of due date. If there is no due date attached, the assignment will be at the bottom of the list. Each class has a sidebar color that matches the heading color of the classroom the work came from, but you can also see which class the assignment is from if you look under the title of the assignment. To access the assignment, simply click on the title of the assignment and it will take the student right to the directions and attachments for said assignment. Students can also click on the “Done” tab and see all assignments that have been turned in along with any digital grades that have been given.

Communication between home and school builds a relationship to support students. If you have any questions or concerns, please reach out to your child’s teacher.

Michele Hetzel

Director of Curriculum and Instruction

Nurse's Notes

If your child is sent home by the nurse, for having 2 or more COVID symptoms, they must have a note to return to school from their doctor or proof of a negative COVID test.

The cold weather months are here! Please remember to send students to school with their winter weather gear....coats, hat, gloves, etc.


All Pre-K students need proof of a flu shot sent to the nurse or they will not be able to return to school on January 4, 2021.

No medication of any kind including over the counter drugs can be dispensed at the school without a Dr.'s prescription. All medication must be brought to school by a parent. Parents must sign a permission form before medicine can be dispensed.

Any new/changed health related information, especially medications should be reported to the Nurse.

Please forward all updated vaccination records and/or physicals ASAP to Nurse Smith. Even if you are 100% remote/Cohort C you still need proof of vaccinations and physicals as per the State of NJ.

Parent Portal COVID 19 screening tool, must be done the morning your child/ren are scheduled to come to school. If you do not complete the screening tool, a notification will be sent home.

Please keep your child home if they are not feeling well or are not themselves. Please contact the Nurse if you are unsure if your child should come to school.

Lisa Smith RN/CSN

School Nurse

Technology Tip

“The FBI is raising awareness for parents and caregivers of school-age children about potential

disruptions to schools and compromises of private information, as cyber actors exploit remote

learning vulnerabilities.”

Read more at the link below….

FBI Warning to Parents

Patrick Ward

Technology Coordinator

Counselor’s Corner

If you haven't already, please join the Counselor's Corner Google Classroom - where you will find resources to benefit both students and families. The class code is e2qxryb.

Studies researching resiliency in children have shown a correlation to academic achievement. One common theme amongst studies is the lack of resilience when it comes to children. Many studies have been done in trying to determine the reasoning behind this decline in resiliency. The outcome of these studies often blame various groups of people but the resolutions frequently sound familiar – that is, to teach our children to have Grit. Grit is defined as a firmness of mind or spirit: unyielding courage in the face of hardship or danger by Merriam-Webster.

Grit is defined as a firmness of mind or spirit: unyielding courage in the face of hardship or danger by Merriam-Webster. What does Grit look like? Grit is showing up every day, even when we know it may be hard. Grit is overcoming an obstacle with our own coping skills or asking for the help of others when needed. Grit is putting in effort, even when we are tired. Grit is trying our best, even if we know we aren’t going to be the best. Grit is taking the initiative and persevering no matter the difficulties that get in our way.

For more information on how to raise a child with Grit, visit


Mrs. Sarah Doherty M.ED​

School Counselor / Anti-Bullying Specialist

Phone: (609) 561-8666 ext 123


Physical Education and Athletic Department

“Try and fail, but don’t fail to try.”

Physical Education expectations:

  • Demonstrates skills and content taught.
  • Demonstrates positive participation, cooperation, sportsmanship, and progress in grade level specific activities.

The American Heart Association suggests at least two 30-minute “recess” breaks or some sort of physical activity throughout the day looking for opportunities that are unique to your child and your environment. Think of fun and easy activities like a bike ride, playing tag or simply having a catch together.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) recommends we all practice social distancing to help slow the spread of the current COVID-19 pandemic.

But this doesn’t mean kids or adults can’t go outside! As long as they practice social distancing measures and practice good hygiene, a little fresh air could do them a lot of good. Here are some tips for safely being active outside:

FAMILY FITNESS: Let's face it, who couldn't use a break…Also, by getting the whole family out for a 30-minute walk, bike ride, run, or hike you're not only fitting in exercise but also a good chance to catch up with one another.


· Go Noodle: Includes weekly activities on video as well as additional permanent videos. Also has an app with “video games” that require movement.

· OPEN: Online Physical Education Network

· Play works: Play at Home.

· FIT Kids Home Fitness Program:



Medical/injuries notes are submitted to office/Mrs. Smith (school nurse).

Folsom Falcons Athletic Department


Ms. De Sordi

Physical Education Teacher/Athletic director

Child Care Assistance Information

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Folsom School Apparel

Folsom Apparel will be available ALL YEAR NOW! Follow this link to place your orders. Orders will be delivered the 1st week of every month. Please see flyer below for more information.
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All personal items need to be labeled with your students name. Unidentified items not picked up will be donated.

A Driver License or Photo ID is needed when entering the school.

When sending payments in with your child, PLEASE send it in an envelope labeled with your child's name, homeroom teacher, and what the payment is for. CASH should never be sent in for Cafeteria payments. Visit the Parent Portal to make on line payments for lunch.

Anytime you are changing your child's dismissal routine, please send in a note.