Resource Citing

Andrea Cote

What is plagiarism?

Plagiarism is the act of showing words, ideas, images, sounds or the creative expressions of others as your own.

Avoid Plagiarism

Paraphrase the text that you want to use

Summarizing what you read

Simply give credit (citation)

If can't figure out how to paraphrase or summarizing a piece of text then use quotations (essay should be less than 50% quotations)

Making a Citation (for a book)

When citing a book you must have the following;

- Author (last,first)

- Title (italicize)

- Place of publication

- Publisher

- Page number

- Date of publication

- Medium of publication

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Citing A webpage

When citing a webpage you need the following

- Author

- Title of web page

- Publisher

- Year Published

- Medium

- Access Date

- Web page address

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MLA Citation

MLA citation is a format that everybody uses when citing something

MLA handbook is the book that has all the rules to follow

When having a in-text citation must have (AUTHOR,PAGE NUMBER) or the (PAGE TITLE) if no author

Works cited page is a page at the end of your essay that list each source you used

How to tell if a website is credible or reliable

Look at the url does it end it .com (not the best url) .net .edu . gov etc.

Look to see if you can find the same information on other websites

Look at the author/publisher

To make sure it is reliable look at when it was last updated

Quoting, Paraphrasing, and Summarizing


- Is when you copy text word for word exactly the same from the author/website and you give the website credit and also put " " marks around the text.


- Is when you put something you read in your own words (changing one or two words is not paraphrasing) ( still have to cite source because still using others ideas)


- Is when you read a piece of text and you write the main points of what you read ,but you write it in your own words ( still have to cite source because using others ideas)

How to Gather Relevant Information

An easy way to gather relevant information is by using a research question or by using key words

Research Question

- When making a research question make sure you know exactly what your looking for

- Don't make it a general question

- Make question very specific

- Question shouldn't be able to be answered with yes/no answer


Keywords help form research questions

- When using keywords make sure they are specific

- Don't make them broad words

- Obliviously make sure they actually relate to your topic

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Resources Available


Research Page


Mid-Content Public Library


C.I.A World Fact Book

Easy Bib

Citation Page

Citation Machine

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